Just curious if anyone else on here has dabbled with the whole30 program. Over the past 2 years my wife and I have completed 4 rounds of the whole30 and are currently half way through our 5th. It has been nothing but a great experience for both of us and has taught me so much about how different foods can affect my bg. The overall gut health has also been a significant improvement in my life. It sounds similar to the Berstein diet that I’ve read about on here, but maybe not as strict. I would love to hear from anyone that has tried it and their thoughts and opinions on it.

Can you briefly describe the Whole30 program? Is it an elimination diet for 30 days and then adds back food to identify foods physically troubling for you? Does it use a high carb budget?

Yes, that is basically what it is. It is eliminating grains, dairy, legumes, and any added sweeteners (artificial and even honey). There are some other guidelines to follow as well, like only eating three meals a day and no snacking. Which was a bit tricky at first treating lows the only real option is dates, larabars, or rx bars. The entire premise is about promoting gut health and some other psychological things around eating.

There is no carb limit or any caloric restrictions or anything, it’s just about eliminating those groups of food, eating three meals a day, and when you’re done eating don’t eat anymore. Just by following the diet you will reduce your carb and caloric intake because you are eating and getting full on much less food. The book goes into greater detail and even has a chapter about how dairy affect diabetes.

Here is the link to the book if anyone is interested:

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