Who's winning

Shewee, after a night out and a glass or two of wine with a friend, I come home, test sugar, have a small snack then straight to bed, only to wake up at 3am with Paramedics in my room...freaked out flatmates and a whole load of confusion doh...havent had one of those in ages, but fear i may of done so damage this morning, my neuropathy normally manageable is exacerbated something awful today

What a bloody morning, you know i play this game, follow the rules and every-time i think i know whats going on ... Diabetes not so elegantly lets me know ...

its winning...;(

Yikes, that's no fun, how were your BG trending before "check out time"? I usually try to test a lot and, sometimes will do a couple of tests 20-30 minutes apart if I'm not sure of a trend?

Ouch, not fun at all!

Gotta disagree that D is winning, it's just playing the game back. There are just so many variables, so many we don't know. D gremlins making a big move in the game. Hope you feel better today!

Wine can really impact BG levels. It usually has a middle of night tendency to lower them quickly.

Diabetes did not win but instead I recommend a routine for when you are drinking. Alcohol shuts off the liver's secretion of sugar into the body causing severe lows. I usually lower my basal rates on my pump when I drink to avoid those crashes. Sorry to hear you experienced that, depending on your level of nueropathy a good diet, exercise and getting your A1C's to normal can reduce the effects on your feet. Good luck.

I had major issues with alcohol for a while (I'm not an alchololic just a diabetic who survived her 20s). Champagne SUPER sugary but certain wines lower your sugars.

I always eat carbs when going out to drink and will still to this day eat something before going to sleep because I had 2 scary seizures and was scared to go to sleep out of fear that I wouldn't wake up. I told my Endo I don't care what he says I'm waking up on the high side because that's better than not waking up at all.

I always test when going out and now that I'm 30 I don't drink myself into oblivian and test a couple of times to make sure I'm still ok - or even a bit high.

Diabetes does have a way of letting you know you aren't doing what you are supposed to be doing. It would be nice if the message wasn't in such a scary way - but we got the message. For months I was the perfect diabetic with an obsessive log book and probably was the best patient for my Endo - but then you relax a little. Just remember to do what you are supposed to do and test test test and test again so you know what's going on.

I've been there - scary stuff. I get it.