Why are BANANAS yellow

Not sure what day it is some days I wake up bright as a spark the other like a light bulb with a burnt out filerment,apoloise at the beginning for my awful spelling spell checker does not want to work on this forum,back to this morning it is 8.08 am so time for my victoza dosage here goes..........done might as well take my morning medication 13 pills for heart failure prostrate and now the prize winner this year of Gout not goat which I feel like like right now,i am sure I can feel 2 horns growing out of my head must have bumped my head on something,outside the THAW continues we had icikles 3 foot long hanging from our guttering,this house of ours has a lot of creeks noises and it certainly makes some strange ones at times,the fridge freezer is joining in just started whirling gurgling and making fridge freezer noises perhaps modern ones do not ous is about 10 years old,it must get tired of all the fish,meat vegetables cakes puddings you name it we shove it in our trusty friend,it is a wonder it does not get fat with all we cram in it sometimes,waht did my grandparents do when fridges were LUXURY few could afford or even further back when refridgeration was a gleam in someones eye.

My Angel just phoned and reminded me it is Thursday, lost all track of time with the disasters we had over Christmas,but life goes on,fridge freezer really going for it smudge is meowiiiiiing out side she wants to be let in back in a trifle,use to love trifle but another thing on my DO YOU REALLY NEED TO EAT THAT REMEMBER YOU ARE DIABETEC,which is the usualll response to on lookers after that you feel so embarrassed you leave it,even if it was only a a couple of spoon fulls not enought to feed a Robin Red Breast in the throws of winter,still darkish outside and it is now 8.25am, smudge is rubbing her face on the kitchen cupboard door where her food is kept ok smudge I get the message sorry about this back in a mooo moment...........more interuptions than watching a movie on TV, for once we had a white Christmas but did it have to be so severe,water pipes froze burst and general mayham resulted in CHAOS cold and misery for thousands we were one of those statistics.

My eyesight is a bit blurred this morning need to test blood sugars wait or it...................10.1 not a good start to the day,when I pricked my finger which I hate seeing blood it gussed out nice one twiddle,not been feeling very hungry in a morning and have let breakfast slip to 10 or even later,so easy to forget what happens if you do not keep on top of the daily routine,have a message page done but with errors on it any computer minded person out there know what is wrong,not been able to take photo's of the lovely Shropshire countryside this year not been very well at times the new gout pills have knocked my system about still i can feel my heart and unless this is all a dream i live to fight another day, God speed blessings to you all for 2011.

A wise man can I still say that once said look no further than your won mind for all the solutions to your problems,obviously he had never heard of diabetes


To all of you that can spell this blog might prove a challenge