Why aren't I included?

I was looking through all the different programs and associations that are designed for those with Diabetes and this thought came to me. “why is it that every single one of these programs gear more towards the elderly and the really young? I mean I have Diabetes too, why not create a foundation for those of us who are stuck in the middle?” I know they are trying to appeal to the general public but I feel like I don’t associate with it because it’s for grandma or little bobby. I wonder if anyone would be daring enough to create something for those of us who are high school students, college students and post grads. If you came up with something, I would love you forever.

what do you mean? in person or on here? I have a support system here for people my age (im almost 24), etc that we kinda formed ourself…

I am 69 and don’t consider myself " elderly " …very active in the Diabetes community …am a Grandma and happy, proud …join me in my next half marathon and you are included :wink:

thanks nel, and brooke what I mean is outside the internet community, I guess I have blinders on when I read about all the different programs out there but all I see are stuff for little kids or people my parents age. not people who are in college who could use the support of other college students. I don’t know it’s just a thought that has been bugging me for the past couple months.

I feel you on this. I can’t find any support or social groups in the area and I live in a big city. I tried to set something up with a couple of doctor’s offices specifically for ages 18 to 40 and no one showed up. Frustrating!

I agree, we are sort of the “forgotten diabetics”.

I was diagnosed at 20, which seemed like a particularly awkward age… I wasn’t a child, and I hadn’t “grown up” with this, and there were (and still are) very few resources for a nearly diagnosed adult T1… anything aimed at adults was very specifically intended for Type 2’s. Very frustrating.

there wasn’t anything when I was looking…we had to start everything ourselves…and a bunch of us got nationally recgonized by the ADA for doing it…if you want support, sometimes you gotta make it yourself. Post interest in local hot spots and on college campus’

I am a part of a group for Adults with Type 1 diabetes (some of us were diagnosed as little kids, others in their 20s or 30s). We are based in New York and have 2 different support groups we run. We are also working on providing many other services to adult T1s in the future. Check out our website: www.act1diabetes.org. ACT1 stands for Adults Coping with Type 1.

I think that many help programs target the elderly because many are on fixed incomes, not employed (retired), and cannot afford insurance.

I agree- and i really like the act1diabetes.org group. that looks like more of what i’m looking for. i didn’t grow up with diabetes - diagnosed at 27- so sometimes when talking to a … what should i call them… long term diabetic i feel like i can’t complain about much because i had my freedom when young- i’m just having a harder time as an adult. i’d like to see if other adults feel the same way…

I guess I could be your mother or maybe older sister ---- why don’t you do something either here, locally in your home town, or where ever you happen to be at the moment. there are still lots of young people in my son’s brackets — older 20’s and young 20’s who have this stigma attached to having Diabetes; I’m sure this came from a generation previous to them…but it’s time they came out of the diabetic closet and said, as you did “what about me?” Go for it, it you and another person start, and add others as you go, pretty soon you’ll have a stronger voice.
Put up flyers, hand them out in doc’s offices, school nurses offices, wherever your friends or people your age go…I’ll bet you’ll get some, and then go for it! Just an “old lady’s suggestion”. that’s what I did as an old lady…and we are now 50 strong.

Right on Cathy …us, living with diabetes have to make it HAPPEN …and to add: Melissa get involved with fund raising TO END DIABETES…what ever that looks like for you .Have some ideas tickled your fancy by now ??