Why can't I keep this pod on?

i have been on omnipod for 7 months and i am about to ask doctor to take me off it. i always seem to knock the thing off my body or tear it off. It doesnt’ seem to matter where i put it, i end up tearing it off. one time or another.

what do you fellow pod users suggest to keep this thing on? why does it tear if so easily? why is it so flimsy made. i do not knock it off all the time, but i do at least once a month?

i have tried to do most of the tips given to me by the pod company, doesn’t seem to work!!!

Salutations Germain,

Question: Does your pod come off because of poor adhesive? Or does it come off because you seem to hit the pod (such as the corner of a wall, dresser, etc.? I don’t own an pod, however, I am on the Animas Ping, and I did have a lot of lifestyle adjustments to make. If you have oily skin, the adhesive may not be sticking well. Maybe you can try using IV3000, it has a very nice hold, even for the toughest of infusion devices. I’m sure it will do well for you pod.

For me, because of the way I sleep, I had to start waring pajamas. Ever since I started doing that, my infusion sets never came out, because the infusion set and tubs are inside the pajamas