Why Diabetes Camp? I think we need Diabetes Boot Camp

After reading what so many people go through on here, and experiencing first hand(no pun intended) a lot of the same things. I think to myself it’s like you have to be so self-disciplined, in order to manage your life with diabetes. You have it tougher than regular military boot camp and this boot camp never stops. Maybe we should set up Diabetes Boot Camps to train all new diabetics. Every time I get online it reminds me of all those military boot camp movies it like you can do this Peter, “What are you afraid of boy a little finger poke?” and I reply “Sir-No-Sir” and then OUCH this hurts and look it’s bleeding. Or movies like Rocky - “Come on kid walk around the block one more time and if you don’t you’re a bum”. Or like an Officer and a Gentlemen picture his trainer saying “Do you really want to eat mayo on that sandwich? Mayonaise!”

I like this idea.

“Soldier, this is your meter. It will stay with you at all times. It will accompany you everywhere you go. You will sleep with it. You will eat with it. You take it to the latrine with you. It will never leave your side. Do you understand me,soldier?”

“Sir! Yes, Sir!”

And then we could do blindfolded and timed drills in which we open our meter kits, open the vial of strips, remove a single strip, close the vial, insert the strip correctly into the meter, and ■■■■ the lancet device. All while our BG are under 55.