Why Diabetes?

Over the years that I have been diabetic, I have often wondered why I was chosen to have it. Certainly, my like would have been much different than it is now. For one, I would still be married to my first wife Julie. She at the time was one of the most beautiful women I had ever met. I was lucky becuase we met while her car was disabled and I was able to help her get it running in the rain. From that chance meeting I was able to marry her.

We stayed together for 6 years and for the most part they were good years. I am no prince in the looks department so being with her was a daily treat. That's until the diabetes kicked in. It wasn't long after the mood swings, the staring problem, the almost fainting and eye issues that she told me that she was not able to deal with the diabetes. At that time I couldn't deal with it either. So we divorced. From the day we said our goodbyes at the court till this moment, I have not seen her. Yes, it makes me sad.

I stayed single for 11 years and worked on taking care of myself, my home and my business. During those 11 years I lived life to the fullest. I traveled, I had many girl friends all over the the country and I realized if I wanted to stay alive I need to take better care of my diabetes. So I made friends with it and fiqured out what worked for me.

The only thing that added a dark cloud to it all was that i lost my flying priviledges for most of the 11 years. What added a rainbow to it all was meeting my present wife, Lynn.

It was right near the end of the 11 years that the FAA changed its policy towards Type 1 diabetics. After not flying for 11 years, after flying from when I was 16 in 1970, I was able to go and see the clouds again. In fact at the time I was given my special issuance from the FAA, I was one of 5 pilots in the US and the only one on a pump to be granted a second chance to fly. I was also able to date Lynn and I asked her to marry me at Arial's Restaurant at Walt Disney World.

That was 11 years ago. So to sum it up.....Diabetes has given me the opportunity to see God's handiwork from 6000 feet and be married to a wonderful women and have a 9 year old daughter that is my pride and joy!

Why diabetes.....why not?


You know I started to read this thinking…I hope this isn’t going to be a downer but that’s a great story - message. I’m glad you’re able to soar on so many levels.

It’s funny how you say “chosen”, my dad passed away in March 2005, there are nine surviving children (out of 11), I was the last to be with him as he went and three months later I was “chosen” - from a long line. And like you - why not?

Indeed, the obstacles and challenges in our lives build up our character, teach us lessons and give us opportunities that we’d otherwise not be exposed to.

It’s so amazing you are here, man!



Fabulous story, so there is hope for me to find someone who can handle this horrible disease. Thanks for your words.


Good morning,

Well here it is another day and a another chance to work our tools and work out bodies to be the best. I for one “choose” to be proactive not reactive.

So everyone, please make it a spectacular day because as we all know, every day above ground is a good day.

God Bless,