Why do diabetics want a honeymoon phase?

I was wondering if a honeymoon phase is important and why people really want to have long honeymoons. I didn’t have one at all and my control is fine!

I agree. To me, it seems like “home grown” insulin would get in the way of figuring out ratios/ rates that are useful to have locked in? I’ve seen posts about people trying not to eat much to keep their production or whatever and am sort of like “blow them out with chili cheese fries!”

Sometimes you don’t know you’re in one until it’s over. I was misdiagnosed as a T2 and metformin worked for a period because I still had some remnant insulin. But it wasn’t until the honeymoon ended and my BG skyrocketed out of control that I knew I was honeymooning.

To me, I’d think any bit of insulin production would be a good thing … There are studies that show people in their honeymoon phase have lower A1c’s and fewer highs and lows than those who aren’t, and even Type 1s with a tiny bit of insulin production tend to have lower A1c’s than those who have none at all.

I had a very short honeymoon (a few months) as a kid, and not a real honeymoon in that I was never able to stop taking insulin completely and did still have a fair number of highs. But my control during that time was excellent, though admittedly I did have lots of lows. At the time I was using R and NPH so adjusting to highs and lows was not that easy.

Plus, a lot of the potential cures out there are for “newly-diagnosed Type 1s” and rely on the pancreas producing at a least a tiny bit of insulin in order to use them.