Why do doctors have to scare diabetics?

I made the mistake of telling my primary care doctor that I was experiencing an irregular heart beat (which started when I began Crestor. I stopped taking it on my own.) The doctor ordered a holter monitor which showed 3000 PVCs in 24 hours and a pulse that went in the 30s while I slept.He decreased my dose of Lopressor from 50mg to 25mg.

Then he sent me for an ultrasound. Today I saw the cardiologist who basically said, your heart is healthy, don't worry about the PVCS (which are gone now that I stopped the Crestor) . He's doing a stress test to make sure but he said everything looks fine.

So I've been thinking since February that something is wrong with my heart due to the big D. I'm glad I'm fine, but it seems that my primary doctor really over reacted.

What do you think? Any body have this problem with Statins. And of course the doctor tried to say it wasn't the Crestor.

Of course you realize that the third leading cause of death in the US is “Doctors” (http://jama.ama-assn.org/cgi/content/extract/284/4/483). I’ll never take a statin again, and I have serious “trust” issues given the poor competence and judgement I’ve observed.

It sounds like you had the sound mind to stop the Crestor. I feel bad about the many thousands of people needlessly harmed by statins.

Statin drugs will age you at least 25-30 years… Atleast it will make you feel that much older… If you look at the disclamer they say… Will not stop you from having a heart attack. They say they help in fighting heart disease. But at what cost. I have gone thru the entire list of statins… They are evil. Have tried Niacine, have tried eating a cup of walnuts a day for 3 months Have tried the non statin drugs like Zetia and fenofibrate…Dr. even had me on Baycol… (look it up) My legs felt like they were literally on fire like I was standing in a campfire! I told Dr. I was going off that one… A few months later people were dying from it and they took it off the market. Have tried the combination of Zetia and Zocor called Vytorin… That is what I am on now for last 5 years. The only statin I can somewhat tolerate. But like I said, at what cost? Takes me a minute to get out of a chair or a minute to get out of a car?So I deal with flu ache symptoms for rest of life or have a heart attack… Or even worse have a stroke.And be trapped in a frozen body. If you are genetically pre disposed of having high cholesterol… Well … you are doomed…Might as well just keep eating that delightful pig fat called bacon… Who said we were gonna live forever anyways… Have a good nights sleep :o)

Sorry about your Crestor experience & happy for you that you’re off it & ok. Yea right, it wasn’t the Crestor–ha!

Think it was Ben Franklin who said that he owed his longevity to staying away from doctors.

Since diagnosis, I’ve been fighting off my endo & PCP’s strong recommendation for statins. I’ve given up arguing & tell them I’m thinking about it. Easier. No diabetics in my family, but heart disease & high BP on both sides. My father died from a heart attack years younger than I am now.

When my lipids weren’t good, I lowered carb intake (yes, increased fat) & they improved considerably. Not the whole picture for heart health, but something.

One doctor scared me with news I have a serious heart murmur. Another said it was nothing. I’m going with the latter:)

Someone I work with had the same problem with Crestor.

My grandfater had leg pain associated with Lipitor, and when he mentioned the pain to his doctor, he took it off immediately, because his doctor said if you have leg pain, you are more likely to die really soon. I had no leg pain, and I was on Lipitor for years. The key is to be your own advocate, because doctors don’t know everything, and we are all different, and they cannot put us in a box. Just because your doctor hasn’t heard of a side effect doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. One of my diuretics caused me to break out in a rash on my back. The nephrologist said he could find no indication that this was a side effect, but if the rash could be attributed to the medication, then it was a precurser of what was to come. He took me off it immediately.

Doctors do overreact, sometimes perhaps because of liability. Since you indicated you thought it was a medication, perhaps for liability reasons he had to at least look for damage that might be attributed to the medication. Maybe they seem to overreact because they have missed something on someone else who complained, they ignored it, and they shoudln’t have. They do tend to overreact, though.

I have NO idea if this would work for you but you may want to research it. I went gluten free and my LDL lowered approx 30%.
have you read http://heartscanblog.blogspot.com/ Might help. ???

I dont think doctors over react on the crestor. I was taking lipitor and my endo did not like my triglycerides so they decided to switch me from lipitor to crestor. I was on 40 mg of lipitor so the doctor decided to put me on 40 of crestor. I took it reluctantly because I had issue with januvia and did not like to switch to something new. So after 1.5 months of taking it all of the sudden i started to feel real weak. I could barely walk and barely lift my arms. It got so bad that I could not even lift a glas of ice tea. So that I called my endo office and they told me to stop taking it right away. It ruined my spring break. Two days after I was told to stop I was still very weak so I went to urgent care because I read about bad side effects from crestor. My doc at the urgent care did a lot of test because they were concerned that muscle damaged could have occured a long with liver and kidney damage. The urgent care doctor told me that crestor was like 4 times stronger than lipitor. they took out like 4 tubes of blood to run a lot of test. The next day I was just chillin at home at my blood pressure jumped to 190/90 and would not come down. Freaked me out and I went to emergency. The er doctor ran an ekg and then they told me that I needed to stop freaking my self out and they gave me a prescription for xanax.

I know that it was the crestor cause I have not jumped that high on blood pressure. Two weeks after I stopped the crestor I was able to bike 15 miles with little effort and my legs did not feel like they were carying 1000 pounds. So it seems that doctors are aware of the bad side effects of crestor and the bad outcomes. So i do statins but not at the high doses.

I might try the gluten free. I read that Diabetics are more prone to Celiac Disease. And I do want to lower my LDL if it causes strokes and heart attacks, but does it?

That is totally scary. My sister has MS and after they put her on Liptor she ended up in the ER screaming about the pain in her legs. The MD did say she might have some permanent muscle damage.

You are the voice of reason on this web site so I believe you about the Doctors.

I had a bunch of palpation and irregular heartbeat incidents - was worried that it was cardiac neuropathy. Went to the cardiologist, and all my tests were fine. It didn’t even occur to me that statins could be causing it until I went on vacation, and forgot to take my daily dose of Zocor for a few days. Voa-la, my syptoms disappeared completely! Then I got back home, popped my 20 mg daily dose of zocor, and had a rapid heartbeat incident within an hour. I then started to do some research online, and found that rapid/irregular heartbeats can be a side effect of statins. The only possible side effect my cardiologist had mentioned was muscle soreness. I had no idea they could effect your heart rhythm.

There’s no doubt that statins lower cholestoral; they did for me. The question is the cost-benefit of the reduction. I’ve decided I’m going to try eating a very healthy very cholesterol diet, with tons of oatmeal, and see if that can keep my cholesterol within an acceptable range. I like steak and eggs as much as the next guy, but I’m willing to give them all up completely to stay off the statins.

Im sorry about your sister. Luckly for me all the test came back negative and that is because now these days if something does not feel right I do something about it right away. I threw the xanax in the trash and decided to listen to my body.

Upon my doctor’s recommendations, I was given Lipitor,. Within a week ,got bad leg pains and VERY LOW blood pressure.
I then Tried Crestor; I was always weak and sluggish, regardless of what my blood sugar was, even in normal ranges. I took myself off of both of them. I did not even have high triglycerides or cholesterol: My endo just said I “fit the Profile” of a person who could get heart diseases( African American, middle-aged, and diabetic), so I shuld take statins as a prevention. “Besides, “he said to me, " You won’t be able to get youtrbad cholesterol below 70, which is what is recommended for diabetics, without taking statins” I told him: “I will try and see what works besides the statins. I will not take them”. He said I was being “non-compliant” .Now, I am type one and have no family history of heart disease. I started to up my exercise program and began to take 600 to 1000 mg of Omega -three capsules daily. I got my bad cholesterol, which was 123 at the time, to 66 ;my good cholesterol to 128, and my total chlesterol to 144. My co-reactive protein test, a test for inflammation in the blood vessels. was .02, which is rated " Negligible” and at an Optimum level. My levels have been silmilar for three years. My endo says not a thing about my “non-compliance” in refusing to take the statins anymore , teloingn me “Keep doing what you are doing”

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Good for you, Brunetta! What beautiful numbers & you did it all on your own. Love the success stories that don’t involve drugs.

??? don’t know that answer. All I know is my endo was ‘asking’ if I wanted to start a statin before I went gluten free now…she don’t mention it ever. My LDL is 88 without meds.
T1 and Celiac are assoicated genetically. They have not found a link between T2 and Celiac. I’m listed as T2 and Celiac. The one thing about going gluten free…watch what carbs you choose (some are fast acting) and the amount.

Thanks, Gerri

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There is poor evidence that lowering LDL reduces strokes or heart attacks. There is stronger evidence that raising your HDL and lowering your triglycerides reduces strokes and heart attacks. A statin does nothing for your HDL and triglycerides. And all of these risks are smaller than the risk from elevated blood sugars. A recent article in the JAMA found that the risk of CVD for a diabetic with a HbA1c was 400% higher than for someone with a non-diabetic HbA1c of 5%.

T1s have a much higher chance of having other autoimmune diseses like Celiac. And many T2s are actually misdiagnosed T1s and have similar problems.

Well you are taking a statin. It is generic Zocor. You don’t say the strength. Based on your cholesterol, there would appear to be no reason for you to be medicated with a statin, your HDL and triglycerides are great. You might want to talk to your doctor.

Doctors are afraid of litigation.

Doctors are afraid of litigation.