Why do I do this?

I test my bloodsugar every two hours or more and if it normal, I feel like it is the green light to eat, when sometimes I am not even hungry. Why can’t I just have a normal blood sugar and move on and not think great, normal I will eat. It is like some sort of reward system??!!

no suggestion here but I just wanted to say THANK GOD I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT DOES THIS! HA!

I tried the MM cgm and was not a fan.

Tried it too and the same reaction!

Karen - why do you test every two hours??? That is what I did when I was going thru pregnancies. I test 7 to 8 times a day and not sure if I would improve anything further by testing every two hours. Honestly, unless they come up with the pump/cgm combo from the same site, this is also my thing against the cgm. I just don’t know (unless it is for a period of time when I am trying to fiugre something out, maybe let’s say at night or during exercise or something), I just don’t know what knwoing what my bloodsugar is every hour will do for me. In fact it might get me in trouble as I will tend to correct a lot and/or even eat like you said.

I do this sometimes too. I think it is kinda a reward system for me. I get so excited when I’m “close” to normal that I feel like giving myself a pat on the back, or a half serving of potato chips. :slight_smile: Nice to know I’m not alone.

Lady Tom …is your question related to NOT testing ?? I wear a MM CGMS and most of the times still test as much as not wearing…CGMS sets trends …ie NOT what BG is right now …hope I understand your question .

HA! ANOTHER!!! I think it has something to do with us getting close to “normal” HA!

Hey, we gotta take credit for our achievements, right!?! :slight_smile: I know it’s not good, that’s why I had to stop testing so frequently. I’m a testing fanatic so my Endo said, NO MORE THAN 4 TIMES A DAY unless I feel low or sick or whatever. I go CRAZY!

I’m so happy with a good number that I don’t want to screw it up by eating knowing it won’t last long. Hurrah for no correction needed!

Does seem that it’s a reward system & hopefully not self-sabotage.

HA! I know what you mean!!! Your Endo seems to have you pegged!!!

I have a similar reaction to Gerri. If my numbers are good, then I don’t want to eat and screw them up.

BUT I have the problem of wanting to eat when my numbers are HIGH, which I know is stupid. I try to give a BIG bolus, but I know that I am often eating before my blood sugar comes down. :frowning:

Dino taught me to be happy about good numbers, but not to treat them as “success”. That would somehow imply that good numbers represent success and bad numbers represent failure.

It’s really hard to take the emotion out of testing, but I think it is worth the constant effort. I start to just treat it as data, not grades. If the number is high I try to figure out why (and ALWAYS say my “oh, I’m glad I caught that high”). If the number is good, I try to just be happy it’s good without feeling proud, but I must admit that I do feel proud at times (because we all know that good numbers aren’t easy).

But I think that attempts to removing the “grading” part of testing are helpful…

Wow, this is not how I would view the role of testing and eating at all. Here is my view of testing. It is just information. For an insulin dependent diabetic, it is a key piece of information to help dose your insulin properly. You should basically eat according to your diet and your blood sugar should not affect your decision about when and what to eat (unless you are very high). Test your blood sugar before eating, factor it into your bolus and eat. If your blood sugar is out of control, then get it in control, but don’t go through life judging yourself based on things that are not necessarily relevant to how you are doing and don’t then “reward” yourself in disruptive ways.

Don’t choose what and when to eat based on your blood sugar before your meal. Choose what and when to eat so that you are healthy and happy!

Think about new and appropriate ways to measure good control. Perhaps a week with no 2 hr postprandial readings over 200, or whatever. If you want to “reward” yourself with a piece of chocolate cake, fine, count it out and bolus and enjoy. But “reward” yourself for a low preprandial reading and you will urge yourself to go hypo for your next meal, just so you can “reward” yourself. Not exactly good control.

ps. Another thing that can help is to separate any analysis of readings from the tests. The only thing you do when you test is take the reading and use it to calculate. Never analyze or evaluate your control when you test. Only do that at a separate time.

also no suggestion but I also wanted to say THANK GOD I’M ALSO NOT THE ONLY ONE! It’s very weird. I would have more perfect BS readings if it weren’t for that!

I’m going to try this approach. Reward myself with a “Good Job” on that perfect BS! and move on. I think my needing to eat comes from not wanting to go low because I can’t really feel them.

HI Karen,

I am a Type 2 but I think I understand your thinking. My numbers have been low but at the beginning when some of them were still high I would think “I don’t want to eat because it is stlll high and I don’t want to make it go up any higher.” But now when the numbers are low, I think “Oh, ok, it is safe for me to eat something” because even though I have a nice low number which I would like to stay that way I figure since it is already pretty low and can’t go too much higher after I eat. It isn’t really reward for me - just an “I am in a safe zone” sort of thing.

Just wondering if you had any eating problems before you were diabetic? Like overeating, emotional eating, always having treats that you can’t have now? Sorry if I am poking too much. Just curious because it could be leftover from that in a way. It is difficult when you have a restricted diet in a way to not want to reward yourself or celebrate your accomplishments with food when you can’t have whatever you want. We diabetics can’t do that now. I miss that sometimes.

Karen was a young child when she was diagnosed (sorry for speaking for you Karen).

I can relate to what you are saying in a way Kimberly. I was diagnosed at 21 and had some bad eating habits (emotional eating) that I still struggle with.

Good for you kristin!!! Unfortunately, I’m not there. It’s still a black mark on my soul when I get highs. dun dun dun… sigh :wink:

I was 8 when I was diagnosed, so really don’t remember a time when I was not diabetic.

Our whole family loves to eat, so that is an issue, but it also could be that I was on NPH and regular for over 30 years and was always feeding my insulin, but did not have the option of testing my bgs. (dark ages)

I think another factor is that I get worried about going low so I eat a little something, but then that little something turns into more and I have to bolus again.

I test every two hours because I have hypo unawareness and can be totally functioning with a bgs of 42.