Why do I do this?

Should be a special tribute for everyone who survived the NPH & pre-meter days! Hard to believe some docs still prescribe NPH.

Karen, I don’t know how you afford to test every two hours…strips here cost about 12.00 per 25…you’d use them up in two days. Unless you have a reason for doing it, or are you thinking that if you don’t test something bad will happen. I agree four, possibly five times would be more than enough to get an accurate reading of what is going on. Any more than that, and I would think, you are causing yourself great stress by testing so much, and stress makes the sugar numbers go UP.

My grandmother had diabetes and my mom was telling me that about the times when there were no meds or meters. She said that my grandfather just gave her an insulin shot once a day and other than day she didn’t do anything about it. I don’t she ever even knew what her blood sugar was - at least on a daily basis… She was diagnosed because I think she had vision problems and they did an eye exam. I guess she had some retinal neuropathy and she was around when she was 40 but she died of breast and bone cancer - nothing diabetes related.

I want to correct high bloodsugars, if I don’t test the two hours becomes 4 hours and that is two hours too long of a high bloodsugar that I can possibly correct.

If my bloodsugar is not in normal range I feel awful, hence the test.

I don’t test through the night :slight_smile:

I think with taking insulin, having diabetes for a long time, having hypo unawareness and wanting to keep A1c down…one needs to test like crazy. I test once an hour, or more if I see up or down trends on my CGM. But I try not to eat between meals, so as to see a flat line on my CGM–its the only time I get excited about a flatline. LOL In fact, the other day my daughter was with me in a store and after peeking ay my CGM monitor excitedly said to me:" Oh Mom…look… You are flatlining!!!" The look on the faces around me was priceless… LOL The flat line though is really motivating for me!!

Go for it. I test at least 7-8 times a day MINIMUM, more if things aren’t right. I also don’t want highs and I can’t feel when it’s getting low (functioning in the 30’s!!). I’ve been told to test before every meal, 2 hours after, before I drive, before and after I exercise and before bed! Trust me that works out to just about every 2 hours! My insurance pays for my strips so far and I feel less stressed knowing what my numbers are, just like people who are on CGM’s. It’s the “don’t eat if it’s good part” I still am working on.