Why do I freeze after I work out?

This maybe a silly question, but here it goes. I usually run 3-5 miles a day, rain, sleet, snow, or shine. Most of the time after I run I am freezing about an hour after and then most of the day. My BG is high when I finish, usually between 135 - 175, and all I use when running is water with mio drink flavor in it. It doesn’t matter if this is in the morning, mid day, or after work. It doesnt matter if it is summer, winter, spring, or fall. It also doesn’t matter what I have eaten before. It also happens sometimes after my weight training as well. Any clue why this happens?

I'm interested about this too, but I guess nobody knows. I'm freezing all the time except when I'm at the peak of exercise... then I'm warm and sweaty. But I'm assuming my problem must be that i live in Canada (just kidding) Probably poor blood circulation.

I googled it and read that it has something to do with being dehydrated. Drinking water during and after workout, having a hot beverage or a hot shower right after the workout...mmmm, I shall try this and see.

Off to the treadmill brrrrr

A quick search turned up that this might be due to dehydration. Possible?

I drink water all day long and during exercise. I sweat all day even when I am not really warm. It is not uncommon for me to have a sweaty head or sweaty shirt but then I exercise and freeze to death. I take hot showers after exercise and drink lots of fluids afterwards but still yet I can be very cold. Who knows it may just be me.

Okay, now I'm moving wholly into the realm of random speculation and pseudoscience, but...if we assume the dehydration theory is plausible, and you're always drinking and sweating...how are your sodium levels? Any chance they're low and potassium is too high? Just a shot in the dark, here...

I'd also try nixing the Mio drink and going with plain water for a while. I just checked and it looks like there's a lot of potassium-this and potassium that in the drink. That could send your sodium-potassium ratios out of whack.

Though I'm not any kind of healthcare person. The drink would just be my first suspect if it were me...

This is also pure speculation but since your BG is high when you finish and it's happening about an hour after you finish, is it possible that what you're feeling is your BG dropping? My physical symptoms of changes in BG have changed over the years.

Currently if my BG is dropping, I will get a sensation almost like cold water being poured over me or a cold breeze running through me...that sounds really weird when I read it but, for me, changes in temperature are often due to changes in BG, especially rapid changes.