Why do people assume the worst?

I drove down to a neighbouring town yesterday. I went because I had to have tests done, and the lab in my town a) doesn’t know how to do them, and b) didn’t have the equipment and it would take 2 weeks to order it. I did a bit of shopping, and hung out with my aunt and uncle. Then, this morning, I headed in to the lab at 7:30 (the opening time). They farted around a bit, and only started my tests at 9:00. I went and ate something, hung around for an hour to check my sugar before driving, and then drove back home and went to work. I arrived just before lunch hour, but worked through it as I had missed time this morning.

I had cleared all of this with my boss last week, and discussed it with him on at least 3 separate occasions. But, true to form, he forgot everything we had discussed and freaked out, assuming the worst. He though I had blown off work - despite discussing with him the things I would do today and telling him I would be back in the afternoon. I arrived back to a snotty email informing me that I hadn’t done various things (the things I had discussed with him that I would do this afternoon!). Why does he assume the worst of me? I went out of my way not to miss work by driving down the day before and going to the lab as soon as it opened. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I am so frustrated with my job, and resigned. I hate being made to feel guilty or bad when I have done nothing wrong. I remember very clearly the first time it happened - I had been booked off work for 5 days because I was sick. However, there was a big deadline, so I worked for the first 3 days of my sick leave. By lunch of the 3rd day, I could barely stand up, and told my boss I was going home. He said that I should stay. At that point, I had had enough, and told him bluntly that I was booked off and leaving. I did, and that was the day I realised that working hard at my job and going the extra mile was pointless. I think, in my mind, that was the day I stopped caring about my job.

I hear you Megan, although I don’t have diabetes, I remember the days I started working I will miss my regular appointments because my boss by then will make me feel so guilty if I left… Or if my child (by then a baby) got sick…

It is hard to care for your job, when you don’t feel the felling is reciprocate, but at the end, I guess not every boss is the same. There are very good and understanding people out there. Maybe at the moment it looks pointless all your hard work, but I am a believer that it is never pointless to do you best.