Why do people have to be so stupid?

I was at the lunch table and one of my "EX-friends" was sitting across from me and told me that i am no longer able to have kids! That i will have miscarages and all that good stuff and started laughing saying that sucks for you.

I wanted to come across the table and punch her right in the face but i smiled and simply said what goes around comes around

and left.

I can't stand people that say dumb crap like that when they have no clue what they are even talking about?

What should i do when people say stuff like that because deep down it does hurt even though i hide it. ????

You can’t take idiots seriously. And I doubt there are very many PWDs who haven’t had idiotic comments directed at them at some time or another. I think you have to divide people into 2 categories – the educable and the uneducable. If they are educable, you can explain to them what the reality is, but if they are uneducable (and her laughing at you sounds like she’s uneducable), then all you can do is what you did – walk away. I hope you will someday have beautiful children if that’s what you want – it’s entirely possible!

I'm sorry that happened to you.

Yep people say stupid mindless hurtful things.

Your right what goes around does indeed come around.


That hurt! Good for you for taking the high road. Awfully tempting to put her in her place.

What a hurtful comment. I so admire your way of dealing with it.

People do say some hurtful things, whether true or not! Talk about the tact of a bull in a china shop! Remember that you are better than her! I am a Christian but I too have to bite my tongue and clench and unclench my fists. The poor woman is probably suffering from some kind of inferiority complex and therefore feels the need to put someone else down!

iIwould so sweetly say to her, if you happen to run into this no-brain, no-class, no-home-trainng individual again,and she makes another hurtful comment. 'How sweet of you to be so very concerned about my health and my future. I really appreciate your kindness and thougtfulness. How did you ever figure out just the right things to say?"

yes I am sarcastic..but so sweetly so.

God Bless,


I do not think she is stupid. I think she wanted to intentionally hurt you - fully aware of the fears your recent diagnosis have brought to you. That is evil behaviour and it is good that this girl is in the ex category where she belongs.

Mean people suck.

I want very bad things to happen to them right now. can’t imagine how you found the strength not to smack them around. stay strong