Why do some doctors ignore the medical evidence, as well as our legitimate requests as a patient?

I recently underwent some reasonably serious surgery that required a week in hospital and now several weeks to recuperate. As we all know - people with Type 1 diabetes are prone to infection - for all the reasons we well know. The literature in regard to this particular type of surgery clearly stated that antibiotics should be used for at least two weeks post op. On discharge from hospital, I requested antibiotics to take at home. The doctor said they were not necessary. I have now developed an infection, the surgical site has broken down and am in a great deal of pain. This is so annoying and in my view so unnecessary. Next time I will once again do my research, and if the doctor refuses to agree to practice according to the evidence - I will look for one who does.

oh mark…i am so sorry.

i am the wrong person to give a coherent reply…i fire doctors often.

heal well and quickly.

File a complaint w the medical board.

Talk to a Lawyer since the doctors medical and surgeon must have know you were a Diabetic and you requested antibodies as a precaution of complications I would say they are guilty of negligence. I am not saying go for millions but enough to scare them into listening to people.

That is really terrible behavior. Sometimes I wonder whether doctors suffer from cognitive defects, making decisions and when they are wrong, ignoring all evidence to the contrary. Most recently, I’ve struggled with seemingly overwhelming evidence that my doctor is in fact not even working for me (https://forum.tudiabetes.org/topics/can-i-trust-my-dr-he-feeds-at).

I hope you heal quickly.