Why do you Exercise?

I know it is me again. But I love the discussions. I have recently changed my reason for exercising, see Exocise The Demons - Post

But what do you all do for exercise, and what are your reasons?


+1 endorphin person. I also really like the opportunity to listen to music while I’m running, no disturbances. I don’t always listen to ‘oooh rah’ stuff either, I’ve had interesting runs listening to “Romeo and Juliet” by Prokofiev running through a blizzard and Thin White Rope when it’s hot and dusty…

To keep my BG down. To blow off steam. To meditate. To stay in shape. To live longer. To feel better. To get outside. To break up the day. To look buff. To escape. To have fun. To shake it out. Because I can. Because I have to. Because the alternative is boredom and sloth. And for all the reasons cited by Helen Howes and acidrock23.

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Exercising makes me “feel good”…it gives me stamina…it relaxes me…it tones muscle…builds muscle and gives strength to skinny wrists…helps controls BG, asthma and hypertension…it’s better than sitting by the TV with a bag of Doritos (my favourite) !!

It makes me feel good. When I am annoyed or upset about something, it always puts me in a better mood. It helps with BS. It helps with weight – if I don’t move, I gain weight.

Back in my younger years, I ran. I now use my treadmill. I also like to have tunes going in my ears but something a little more upbeat than Romeo & Juliet! I am not sure what “ooh rah” is but I like good ole rock & roll.

“ooh rah” = Ministry, Dropkick Murphys, etc. The Prokofiev was great w/ the blizzard though. Shostakovich’s autobiography paints sort of an unflattering portrait of Prokofiev but transplanting the Montagues and Capulets to the Yezhovshchina gives the music a pretty creepy vibe and the sort of busy violins are good for running.

I also like fast paced celtic music…gets me moving faster…but so will some Vivaldi :slight_smile:

Woo hoo…let’s go!!!

I was going to answer : Just Because.… I like to …and to clarify a bit …I started to exercise much PRIOR to diagnosis ; did it get into the genes a long time ago ? I’ll answer YES .I also looked it as moving from home to school then it became work and back : walk , cycle etc. It was not called " going green " in those days …but a way of getting from place A to B
I also got very motivated by a Fund Raiser with the Canadian Diabetes Association in 2003 , called Team Diabetes …I did 10 events by May 2010 …have raised close to $ 50,000.00 …got me travelling across the globe ; have met a tremendous motivated Team of folks living with D., parents of kids with diabetes , friends and people working for the Association …all this besides at age 70 plus want to keep on going .

Those are good too! I have a bunch of Chieftains things and, perhaps a bit late for St. Patrick’s, “Smashing of the Van” by Chumbawumba, maybe best Irish song ever? Oh wait, there’s “Rocky Road to Dublin” too…

Awesome Nel :heart:

Thank you muchly fellow Canadian :slight_smile: …I hope it did not sound like it was like patting me on the back by mentioning the $$ figure …I just like walking and if I can do it to create awareness for D , then my motivation will hopefully pay off .

I walk my dog and when it is raining or crappy weather i do wii fit. i also do sit-ups everyday. i walk my dog one because i am getting a great exercise and two it helps my dog release his pint up energy. exercising helps me feel better and sleep a whole lot better too.

Exercise is the reason for a happy life. As without health, nothing can get happiness in this world.