Why does BS spike after exercise?

Hello... is anybody home??? I have a question - does anyone know why my BS spikes right after a workout?

I was diagnosed Aug. 2010 & gained 30lb on the ADA recommended diet of 45-60gm carbs per meal. So I recently decided to become a "lab rat" & began a Mediterranean-Low Carb daily meal plan with carbs at 30gm/day & averaging 13-15% carb/calories ratio. In 2 weeks, BS dropped to <100 & lost 15lb; however, that was while continuing Metformin. Since then, BS & weight has remained the same - except right after Mothers Day when I took a break for brunch (BS spiked 2 days later). I'm thrilled & look forward to seeing these results confirmed by lab results in June.

Thank you in advance... Hugs ~ Moms

Congratulations on controlling your blood sugar. The liver stores glucose and at certain times of the day or after exercising it may dump some glucose in your blood. The pancreas normally will dump some insulin to cover for the extra glucose. But being diabetic not everything is working the way it should.

Kirla ~ Thanks for answering my question. I have been under the impression that blood sugar drops after exercise. Given your answer, I am now looking for answers as to why the liver dumps the glucose specifically in response to exercising & what I should do about it, if anything. I'll try to remember to come back here & post whatever I learn.