Why I am an Advocate for a cure for Diabetes

I am 49 years old and new to the Diabetes Communnity, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes in April 2003. I did’nt know what pre-diabetes was other than I did’nt have the disease. I wished I had been told more about pre-diabetes, it would have made a big difference in my life.

In June 2011, I was diagnose with type II diabetes and prescribed oral medications to control my blood sugars. I am advocating against diabetes because I have it, and other people have it. It causes many health problems, and even death to many people of all ages. I use my time and energy to learn about this disease and to help fight for a cure. I am a active member of the DOC (Diabetes Online Communnity) and work to reach out to others for help and inspiration. I will not go away or remain silent when it comes to diabetes. I will talk, walk and run to raise money and awareness about diabetes. I will post, blog, tweet and facebook to get the message out to stop diabetes and remove it from the planet forever.

I am strong and in good health. Medications with exercise has kept my blood sugar under control. I will not wait until I’m sick or too old to fight this disease. I know diabetes is big and many people and organizations advocate against this disease, I read their blogs and watch their videos about how diabetes has affected them and their families. Their words are motivating and inspirational, they have made a difference, I want to make a difference. Help me and others fight for a cure for diabetes.