Why I Like Diabetes Stories

I’d like to pose some questions, and trigger some introspection. I’ll tell you why I like diabetes stories, then you tell me why you like them.

When first diagnosed 4 years ago, I read a kajillion posts on a half dozen bulletin boards to help me figure out my new life. I looked for the little snippets that helped. Like how to manage my pump, or handle eating at a restaurant. I read the boards intensely for a couple years, and posted replies when I thought I had something meaningful to offer.

But my involvement trickled off to almost nothing. Boards that saw me daily wouldn’t recognize me now. I think it’s because I want more from my interactions. I want something more than a snippet. While I appreciate all the little factoids, and words of comfort and support that go to newbies, and those in trouble, I just grew tired of them.

So what do I want now? What do I like now? I like to hear a diabetes story. I want to know who the principal character is. I want to hear the way their life is being lived. One of the first in-depth posts I read after dx was on dLife’s BB. Somebody with severe suicidal tendencies had posted at length. And dozens replied. And the story remained unresolved, the suicidal poster leaving off in the middle of the saga…

Now I’m building the picture of some people I admire in the diabetes world. I’m learning their stories through a little web interaction, a little in real life. A team captain for ADA Colorado’s Team Red cyclists, a manager at Animas who also drives a piece of the Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association. It’s lots harder to build these stories given my access, but it’s proving very worthwhile.

Why do I like diabetes stories, positive or negative? Because I can compare and contrast my life to those I learn about. How do they deal with their condition? How do they maintain their mental state? As a T1, I’m constantly comparing the lifestyle of T2’s with mine. I try to withhold judgement of those who trash their bodies, their life. I try to learn from the good and the bad.

More than anything, right now in my life, I’m trying to figure out how one maintains this lifestyle over the long haul. I hold great admiration for those diagnosed at an early age. I consider myself lucky to have postponed it all until my mid-forties. I really want to know the secrets, the tips and techniques for mental balance required for the duration of this event.

That’s why I like diabetes stories. To learn more about myself, by learning about others.

Why do you like diabetes stories?


I’ve been type 1 since the age of 2. I am now 36. I used to think I was lucky for getting diabetes at such a young age. Thats all I grew up knowing no lifestyle changes. I figured T2’s were the unlucky ones. Now I’m not so sure cuz I don’t know any T2’s that have hypo unawareness or the massive swings. I like the stories cuz sometimes I realize how lucky I am. I’m not allergic to insulin, which was the first topic I read today. I also like to know that I’m not the only one who uses a lancet more than once. Small things like that. I’m not alone

The best coping I’ve found is through humor. I love to laugh, and for me, the best diabetes stories are the funny ones. I try to write about the funny aspects of my d-life in my blog, but sometimes, it also touches on the sad.

But, in the end, laughter truly is the best medicine (well, except for insulin . . . )!

First and foremost…I love stories. any kind (except probably for spooky, horror and disgusting ones) but generally I love reading because I get to discover and learn so much. But yes…I like diabetic stories. Simply because it makes me realize how similar and different diabetics are that there is so much to share. Makes me assured that Im not alone… gives me some confidence that I know i can share some thoughts…gives me insights that probably one day I can apply to myself and lastly its also entertaining and I discover so much of myself in others’ experiences.

I took Type 1 since the early 70’s and (belive it or not) was told at that time I would not live to see 30! Well I’m 46 (soon to be 47) and am still here! When I took “D” I was in a small counrty school that went k-12 and I was the only diabetic there. Some looooong stories can come from that one!

I had a 1st cousin who took Type 1 10 years before me at the age of 10 also and she was just great to talk to and share some of the stories with because she could understand where I was comming from. She was the only diabetic in her school too. Boy how I miss her now!!! But that was like 30 years ago and wow how times have changed! Diabetes has now gone from a thing you NEVER talked about to a great place like this!!!

I have had T1 since I was 4 and now im coming up to my 20 year diabeteversery. Hearing someone elses stories are great because I have had a few embarrassing lows (I think I posted one in my blog here). It makes me feel like im back at diabetes camp where I saw what a low was like from an outsiders view. it makes me feel like im not that abnormal. though I know no one is normal. now that im older and don’t see many diabetics, I come here or go on facebook and read my cousins diabetic adventures (which are hysterical by the way). anywho that’s my reasons.