Why I want an Insulin Pump

  • I give myself a minmum of 4 shots a day
  • My Glucose runs from 76 - 303
  • I have a hard time predicting meal time, and giving my shots each day at the same time
  • I suspect it is shocking my system when I give 42 Units of Lantus in the evening, instead of a slow release
  • I have arthritis in my fingers and it is hard to use the syringe
  • My eyesight is bad, hard to get the dosage right using a syringe
  • When I get an air bubble in the syringe, it is fairly painful

and why I want a CGM Continous Glucose Monitor ( if i get one of the CGM devices, it will be out of pocket, since Medicare B and the VA (Veterans Administration) don’t approve them.

  • i have 6-8 fingersticks a day
  • not catching rise of glucose until it is already out of control
  • finger sticks repeated when not enough blood
  • finger callused in meatnime, harder to get drops