Why I'm Here


My daughter is type 1 and was diagnosed on April 6, 2004. "We're" pumpers and doing fairly well. My daughter plays softball, soccer, the piano (against her will), and does well academically. So far things are going ok, her numbers are erratic, she fluctuates quite a bit, so we test a lot, but we don't take it personally. I'm jealous of the folks whose numbers are steady, but we're not going to beat ourselves up about it, or stop eating mashed potatoes.

Thanks Manny for starting the site, I love reading all the blogs in the OC, but don't think I have enough to say to have our own blog. Besides it would probably turn into a foodie blog. I love to cook and eat!

Thanks for being here. It's nice to connect to others who are in the same boat.


Hey if you want to have a blog about cooking and eating, I’d read it! :slight_smile: I can appreciate how frustrating it must be not being about to control BG numbers with a growing child. My song was diagnosed at 18 - he’s still growing and sometimes the numbers still don’t make sense but he’s pretty much in charge of it all on his own. Got to be frustrating! Take care!



How old is your daughter?

My son was diagnosed just four months after your girl, and his numbers are erratic as well-- more so now that puberty has hit in earnest.

Like you, we test a bunch, make adjustments, continue with the eating of mashed potatoes (because, my God, how can you not?).

And yes, not beat ourselves up-- even when the numbers go haywire. (Otherwise, I think we’d be nuts by now.)

Look forward to reading more of whatever you’d like to share-- including anything “foodie.” I love to cook too! :slight_smile:


My daughter just turned 10 a week ago. Her numbers have always been somewhat erratic. I don’t know if it’s her activity levels, stress, growth hormones, adrenaline or what, but her endo just knows that it’s like that. So we test a lot and correct a lot. We need to do another round of basal testing, but it is what it is.

It was harder at first, both my husband and I are engineers, so we tend to think lineraly (is that a word?). You think there should be a direct correlation between bg and insulin and you should be able to stay in range. Too bad the body doesn’t work that way. Oh well. It is frustrating at times, but you can only do your best.

Thanks again for being here!