Why me

I had an interesting conservation the other day at work that totally came out of the blue, sideways. I was on my lunch break trying to recover my faculties from the stressful hours when one of my fellow employees comes in, and starts yacking about this and that to me, mentioning that his doc told him he was diabetic, no shots yet.

I was going to pipe up but something to sit back and listen, see where it leads.

He was saying that he got a monitor, things to be good so far but I already sensed that he really didn’t have a clue about diabetes. He mentioned some of his test scores, “got a 2(36) - i guess thats a low, not so good I think, got a 12(216) later- that’s pretty decent! Doc told me to lose some weight and things will be ok! I got to take it easy on the beer!”

I realize the significance of the values and what they really mean but how does one tell a person who is set in their ways without freaking them out needlessly; you don’t. I realize that this not the place nor is it my responsibility to educated someone who recently went through hell and back a little while ago being a cancer patient. I was thinking his doctor was a complete idiot but at the same time, reflecting upon what he endured, better to let him focus upon other things in life for the moment.

Then, I find out that our new employee is a diabetic from our assistant manager in a group meeting where I asked the AM “is this a concern for us to know?” realizing its the new topic of the moment when one of our more naive employees voices, “Aw crap - you hired a diabetic?”

As for the one who took a dislike to diabetics - I have to laugh! I remember not that long ago when he undergoing tests for low blood sugars at the ER; chalk it up to immaturity.

I don’t know these days… just no respect for anything anymore, more amusing to me that this individual has no concept as to how many diabetics that he actually works with nor do I even broadcast my pre T2 status.

Just another day…

Gee whiz, it's against the law to discriminate to the American Disabilities Act and someone could sue if they feel harassed. Diabetes is covered by ADA.

I like how you stepped back and went into 'observer' mode on most of this. I agree with not getting over involved with the coworker that is still recovering from their cancer scare sometimes listening is all that is required, it is easy to jump on our high horses educating everyone but in the end a lot of what you mentioned is work drama, people here what they want and sadly are not interested in the plights of others only themselves more often than not so it is best not to enter into the drama. however the is this a concern for us to know about a new hire with D as a mamma hen of a diabetic child would push me to the edge of action, is there no compassion in this world! nice musings and best wishes with your 'battle'. amy

sort of - me a canuk, diabetes not a disability where I am that I know of yet - could be wrong, privacy laws rule here,I figured after what he endured for surgery, chemo… whats a beer or two!

either way i have to laugh… the person who keeps doing this, always leaning on crutches as excuses - oh its this or that, blah blah… I just tell this person, “You know what, I have met others with far greater issues who accomplish far greater things without all your drama - I guess you need an audience” Yep me in trouble again! :slight_smile: