Why OMAD? Gastroparesis!

After a pretty interesting year, I have made some changes and they have helped. My gastroparesis has been a real experiment in finding out about me and listening to my body.

I am 61, a T2 diabetic on Metformin (1000mg/day) AND follow a ketogenic diet. In the last year, I have been working hard to eliminate meds and improve my health – including my diabetes and my liver health. The keto diet is about stopping the sugar, stopping the processed foods, watching amounts and I personally (that means LISTEN to your body) because of gastroparesis eat OMAD. I have lost over 150 pounds. I am off the Bydurian shots and Jardience and the next step is to reduce the Metformin. My A1C last time was 4.8 and this today was 4.7.

I went OMAD because I realized that I-have-a-brick-in-my-stomach feeling was because I didn’t give myself enough time to digest my food. They wanted me to try 5 little meals a day. Done. And didn’t work. So, I started with skipping breakfast because I frankly didn’t have time in the morning. having a small lunch and then getting to dinner = I felt better! So then, I stretched it. I skipped breakfast and lunch and had a reasonable dinner. BINGO. Having a single dinner and giving my system time to digest it over night, then my activity at work in the morning during the fasting phase – started losing 10 pounds a month. Started NOT having a brick – my system could digest what I ate. I still watch portions – my system can only handle so much. I take my time and eat over 1/2 an hour, chew well, and NEVER after 7pm at night. And OMAD works for me. I’m not hungry anymore but if I want a snack at lunch time, it is small and has a chance to digest before dinner so I’m ok.

Changing how you eat and when you eat can really help Gastroparesis. Then KETO diet works with getting rid of sugar and processed food – also things I don’t digest well.

Hope that helps someone!
Be Well.