Why people wont give us a chance?

I know that I have Diabetes which is type 1 I been single for 4 years already everytime I meet someone and tell them I have Diabetes its like I don’t hear from them anymore I’m just being honest about my health why don’t people want to give us a chance are take us anywhere to hang out I just want to know the reason why.Feel free to say anything you want thanks Godbless you.

I think they are confronting their own insecurities, are uncertain how to be friends or reach out, have seldom if ever gotten to know a person with diabetes and don’t know enough about diabetes to take it in stride, and/or continue a conversation about it. They’re stymied. They’re left with their mouth open.

They’ve heard of lows, or they haven’t heard of lows. No matter. They don’t know enough to know or have an opinion.

So, unless the person is going to be in the position of helping me out during a low low in the wilds of Borneo, they have no right to MY health information! My medical alert bracelet is turned in just like my watch, so they never catch on.

I don’t share health information. It’s personal & private. Zap. The door is closed.

I giv’em something ELSE to talk about, my latest trip, the latest whiteout on the road, who I know from their town, school, other lives I’ve lived, where I found the latest greatest books to read. And I get interested in THEIR latest trips, friends, jobs, and family. In ignoring the topic of diabetes, my friendships in person are not made with any relevance to diabetes.

I guess the next person who accepts, understands and supports you…diabetes or none…will be the keeper.

Fear of something that one does not understand is one limitation. Perhaps they just do not know how to handle dealing with it…nor invest in a relationship they feel is unstable thus cautioning themselves. Maybe on the next date with a friend…highlight on WHO you are…what you can do, what you wish to accomplish in life…how you can make a difference…and how your friend can be a part of it. Personally, these are the characteristics I look for in my friends too =)

Alfonzo has had some degree of foot amputation, so the “What happened?” question probably comes up early in teh conversation when he meets someone new.

Everything everyone else said, plus another thought: You might want to get involved with your local Diabetes organization as well and perhaps you will meet another Type 1…now THEY will understand!

I’m sorry that has happened to you. I would stop telling them right away, until they notice something. When I tell someone, they say, “Oh, that’s not that bad.” And then if it looks like I dont want to talk a bout it, we will go back to whatever we were doing without any awkwardness about what we just talked about.

Thanks for all the support my friends your words are very touching to me Godbless you.