Why should I upgrade from G4?


We are all different. My wife and I each get over 7 days on each sensor, but mine will generally stop providing reliable readings around day 10. hers goes quite a bit longer but I’ve encouraged her to just replace them sooner than she has, since we have the sensors available.


I dont think you can expect it. I have absolutely 0 times where the sensor has died prior to 10 days. It seems that some people have problems others don’t. I fall in the latter group.


I have ZERO sensor issues with anything other than adhesion. I haven’t had a single ??? or wonky readings jumping up and down.
I get false lows the first 12 hours. But that isn’t the same.

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Just curious if Jim26 and Hammer have had many failures on the G4/G5 sensors. I’m doubting that the redesigned G6 would like my body any better than than what I’ve been using. ATT maybe 50% of the time I can extend sensors to 10 days but even then they start giving ??? and flaky readings.

  • I’ve been using G6 for a few months now and haven’t had a single sensor fail. I’ve had a single instance of “checking sensor, may take 3 hours,” but it cleared within an hour.
  • I also routinely roll them over to a second session. My most recent one went a full 20 days, i.e., to the point of a second “session ending soon” warning. It was still doing fine accuracy wise, but I’d had a couple of connection dropouts in the final few days so I went ahead and changed it.
  • I have had far fewer Blue tooth dropouts than I had with G5. None at all within the standard 10 day sensor period. Reportedly the transmitter emits a stronger signal with G6. That seems to be the case. I had dropouts pretty regularly with G5.
  • Accuracy is dramatically better for me than G5, which was pretty darn good to begin with.
  • Note that you can extend past the battery end-of-life deadline with both G5 and G6 by using xDrip (a.k.a. Spike). It’s a software deadline not a real power loss, and xDrip just ignores it. You can often get weeks or even months more time out of them. You can also skip the 2-hr warm-up with new sessions.
  • Re no calibration with the G6: I thought this was a pretty trivial improvement, but in fact it’s major because it applies to the aforesaid warm-up sequence. I can’t number how many times that two-fingerstick requirement popped up at the most impossible, inconvenient times. In my car, in the middle of a meeting, during a choir rehearsal, etc etc. Having to arrange the timing of my sensor insertions to account for what I was going to be doing 2 hrs hence was a real PITA, never realized how much so until I experienced not having to do it any more.
  • Bulky one-use insertion device (G6), not so great in terms of waste stream. But I can’t quarrel with it from the ease-of-use standpoint. Again, I thought this was no big deal, I was ok with how the G5 worked, and having used the Medt G3 “Serter” which looks very similar I thought this was pretty superfluous. But in fact it’s very superior to the G3 device and it’s SO much easier to do the back of the arm insertion, which always used to involve CGM Yoga contorting in front of a mirror as I struggled to get that G5 insertion tube to release without accidentally yanking the whole sensor out.
  • Flatter profile: yet another thing I thought was NBD that turned out to be a very appreciated improvement. Using arm placement with the G5 I was always whacking it into door jambs and the like. Particularly in my car—couldn’t drive with the center arm rest in the up position because it always pushed on my sensor uncomfortably. Now it doesn’t.
  • Adhesion: Skin Tac is your friend. I find if I apply it first and let it dry a bit, the adhesive pad easily lasts 10 days—in fact 20 with my most recent sensor—with no additional taping. I sometimes do use Grif Grips, but I’ve generally had zero trouble with adhesion.

I have to say that I am going to agree with almost everything you listed out @DrBB.
Although I haven’t tried the skintac before putting the sensor on.
But, if their adhesion issues don’t clear up soon, I will probably start with your method.

As for my G5 experience, I had far more BT dropouts. And I did very occasionally get ??? from the G5 towards the end of some sessions. But that was very rare for me.

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Thanks for the detailed user results. Almost called today to get more G4/G5 sensors headed my way for my stockpile. If info from my secondary insurance is correct, they should cover all my copays on 1st order of G6 system but need to call again to see IF I get the same answer again. Else will likely join CostCo to get RCVR & XMTR at their low price and order sensors thru insurance provider. BTW - I thought EdgePark was overpriced but CCS Med is slightly higher. Pretty much convinced to give G6 a 3 month try, before finishing off my G4 sensors.
SkinTac is GREAT - very seldom do I get edges starting to come loose and even then recoating the loose edges gets me thru an extended session. I actually apply SkinTac to the adhesive not my skin before insertion.


Same here. I find the trick is to give it 3 minutes or so to dry before doing the insertion, so your skin is sticky to the touch but not damp. Haven’t tried applying it to the adhesive pad instead, but whatever works works. I actually found it wasn’t working so well with my last box of G5 sensors, thought there might be a quality control issue there. But it has worked great with G6 so far. I find it best to use the bottle-wand format rather than the disposable swabs. Easier to apply without getting it all over my fingers, which stickiness interferes with the rest of the operation.


Skin Tac is the bomb! Being a very impatient person I apply it and then blast it with a hairdryer to speed up the time it takes to get to the right tackiness. (bottle is much cheaper than swabs)

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I did a similar compare, and also staying with G4 as lower cost.

But the past few weeks have using both G4 and G6 to compare.
Accuracy wise, my experience is they are about the same. G6 seems to catch the rise or fall a bit quicker, but when mostly flat, the numbers were very close.

The cost between G4 and G6 is closer if G6 trans and sensor days are extended with xDrip or Spike.

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