Why should it matter where I eat?

At least once a week - Tuesdays - I have to work late, and I eat dinner at work. I have discovered that when I eat at home, a 1:10 insulin:carb ratio works. But when I eat at work, I need at least 1:8. This is so even though I always eat a lot less when I am eating at work. It makes zero sense to me. Do others experience this, and does anyone know why this happens?

I dunno… are you stressed out a lot at work?

LOL. sometimes. is it that simple?

Stress definitely affects blood sugar. Good thing you figured it out!

Sadly, sometimes it is. lol

yeah… you are not the only one! I use about 1:12 when not at work and 1:5 at work… I also have to have my basal rates higher… but then again, I have an extremely high stress job (teaching!)

Same here. Numbers are always higher at work, and I figure it might be stress or lack of sleep.

I’m learning stress does play a big factor! Also for some, depending on the job, it could be your activity at work is more stationary then at home. I’ve heard tell that some people use a different basil rate for their work hours because they are setting behind a desk, rather than when they are at home doing household chores or errands.

Can I ask about your lunch time? Do you eat at work with a 1:10 ratio?

lunch is always weird. i always need a lot more insulin at lunch than at other meals. i go to 1:8 or even 1:7 for lunch, whether i’m at work or at home. and frankly, it’s usually not enough. I’ll be high 2 hrs later. but get this - if I correct my high bg after lunch, i usually plunge into the 50’s or 60’s. so I don’t correct the high, and it settles to a good number by 5 pm. you would think that would mean my basal rates are off, but they aren’t - i have tested the basal rates many times. even my endo is confused. this is the crap that just demoralizes me constantly with diabetes.

oh, and it’s not b/c I’ve eaten a fatty lunch. i eat the same low fat lunch everyday.

You are a mind reader Grego!!! That was gonna be my next question!

I would go with your highs are stress related.

And don’t worry, I’m not gonna say “chin up, it’ll get better”. That’s more crap on top of the diabetes crap. Worse than dealing with this disease is dealing with the unknown factor of how our bodies react to everything.

thanks, LizBa. i’ve had diabetes for almost 8 years, and this is the first time i’ve tried to connect with people experiencing the same issues. wish i’d done it sooner.

I have that issue too. I have a much smaller lunch ratio 1:12 vs. 1:22 at dinner. I am often high after, but then if I correct or don’t have a snack around 3 hours after lunch, I go low. I’ve tested basal rates and I have lower ones for those hours, but they are correct. My afternoon sensitivity factor is 1 unit lowers my BG over 100 points! My doc thinks its bizarre but it works. This seems to be the case when I’m working, when I’m in class or when I"m home, although sometimes when I’m home I don’t need to snack. I think the act of walking to/from the subway when I’m working or walking to my car when at class lowers me a lot at that time of day.

Definitely stress! When I used to go into an office, my bg would literally rise as I drove into work. Now that I am a freelance writer and mom to 3 kiddos, I rarely have this issue. YES, stress can absolutely, without a doubt make your bg RISE.