Why so difficult?

I'll bet that I have gone shopping online for a medical alert bracelet/charm a dozen or two times since diagnosed. I haven't purchased one yet. I do not understand why they are so expensive.

It feels like just one more way that commercial enterprises know they've got folks by the 'short hairs' and just up the prices cause the know we need something (or think we do).

Whether it is fighting with insurance companies over the number of strips they will authorize for a month, or a CGM, or brand-name medications -- Paying a fortune for a small piece of jewelry that could save our life is really one more thing we just don't need to stress about.

All I want is something noticable by those who know to look, and not by those who have no business in my health affairs.

Just when I decide to buy just the low-end Sterling Silver centerpiece and make my own bracelet part, then I change my mind and think I'll get a small charm for my gold chain bracelet. But $70 for a half-inch engraved and enamelled charm seems outrageous. So once again, today, I've not bought either.

(I'm still thinking a tatoo on the inner wrist might be worth the pain. LOL!)

Well, that’s how I feel also!! Adding to that, if one is unfortunate enough to have more than one condition/concern; it’s even more $$$. Adding to that yet again, I’m looking at purchasing bracelets for 3 of us…you’d think they would have family discounts lol