Why the hypos?

I have a question. Or two.

I was officially diagnosed with pre-diabetes in Jan this year. I’ve heard the “you’re insulin resistant” and “you’re glucose intolerant” for a while now but the docs never seemed to be concerned so neither was I. I researched it once but didn’t find much. I have other disabilities that demanded more attention. And I’ve always felt that diabetes was going to happen no matter what I did. My great-grandfather, grandmother, mother, aunt, and both brothers have/had diabetes. My father was hypoglycemic when I was a kid. It was a pendulum swinging over me, going to smack me sooner or later. I wish I had know that weight loss and diet change could have stopped the swinging or at least slowed it down!

Anyway, I got the dx in January, and was put on Metformin in March after using the meter to document how it was going despite the drastic change in diet. I take just 500 ER each morning. My A1C in January was 4.7, in March was 5.8 (which is why I was put on medication) and a few weeks ago it was 5.6. Overall, I’ve lost about 20lbs and have cut my carbs down a lot.

Now here’s the question. I mentioned to the doc how, after a huge spike after some meals, I drop like a rock and hit hypoglycemia (<70 with lowest being 59) at about the 4 hr mark. Sooner if I actually exercise or engage in some sort of activity. She said Metformin isn’t responsible for that drop. I thought it odd she would say that since I wasn’t blaming the med at all.

What is responsible for that drop? Is the drop just part of being a newly stumbling T2? What can I do to stop it from happening? I’m afraid to eat anything because the blood sugar is so high (the higher the spike, the lower the drop). What can I eat at the 3hr mark, even if the BG is still above 140?

it’s different for everyone, but with my son I try to have a fast acting carb, long acting carb, and a high protein aspect to all of his meals. most of his snacks between meals are long acting carbs so he doesn’t have as many hypos… it’s a hard formula to figure out and everyone’s body reacts differently. I hope this can help you out. you just have to keep playing with different combos of carbs and protein. Good luck and keep us posted!

PCOS? I so don’t need another acronym! LOL

Okay, looked it up. I still have my ovaries but not the uterus (thank god!). Because of my age (36) they decided to leave them in. I don’t know why since they didn’t work all that well then and I’m sure they could care less about working now.

Yes, sometimes it can get feisty. I apologize for my rant on your page. I deleted it because it wasn’t fair to you.

You got two notices here because I did the first line then added the rest when I looked it up.

As to the PCOS, I never had regular cycles. Then in August of '98, I started bleeding and did not stop until the surgery in Nov. They went in figuring the ovaries were nasty but, in fact, were in very good shape with no sign of cysts. They were producing hormones though so they left them in. There’s a big group here for women with PCOS.

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We will have our 20th anniversary next week. She’s been with me through all of my health issues so one more didn’t even cause a twitch. LOL

As far as I know, there is no federal fine for faking a SD. There are state and local fines, yes. Some states have rather tough penalties including injuring or interrupting a SD at work. (i like that one!) I am currently researching the ADA Amendment Act (the one thing Shrub did right his entire time in office) to see if there is anything in there about penalties. I hope there is!

Sigh. Such a shame. I thought we were having a decent conversation. I hope you accidentally deleted all your posts here. If not, your loss.