Why the?

i keep getting the ??? ive had this sensor in like a week or so now and it did it yesterday and now today why does it keep doing this!?!?!?!?!?

Sometimes it just keeps doing it. Very fristrating for sure. Make sure the sensor is on same side of body as transmitter, wait 1-2 hours and it will remedy itself. After 3-4 times in a day…I just restart or rip it out.

How stable are your sugars? Do they change rapidly? That is one of the big reasons I have found that the Dex will ??? you, especially as the sensor gets “older.”

not that rapidly

Keep in mind the way the Dexcom unit works. The wire and its covering generate a small flow of electrons - current. The transmitter reports the current. The receiver takes the electrical current value from the transmitter and calculates the equivalent BG. If the value the receiver comes up with is out of range, then the ??? is displayed.

I “treat” the ??? by placing the receiver directly on the transmitter - shortest distance = best reception. Wait 10 minutes and check the receiver. If a number is shown, I do a single finger stick, enter it and life is good. If the ??? is still showing, it is usually a bad sensor. If the sensor has been in less than 7 days, I call Dexcom for a replacement. If greater than 7 days, change the sensor and be thankful I got more than 168 hours out of the sensor.