Why won't insulin keep working?

Why does the insulin the doctor put me on work for 3 -4 months, then stop? Every insulin I have been on since I was dx (3/12/07) works then stops. And now it is happening again. This is when I get really frustrated about being a diabetic. When I question why this had to happen to me. I am type 2 and then is when I say, what did I do wrong?!?

I am confused… if you mean you have a vial going for 3-4 months, well… insulin does have an expiration date. If it’s a certain insulin type… well… what type, and what regimen are you on? Sliding scale insulin regimens are outdated, and dangerous. Sometimes, people need Metmorfin to go along with them, too, in order for insulin to really work. Just not enough info to tell ya what’s going on. :slight_smile: Please tell us more.

what is a CDE? I have a primary physican who helps with this. I am currently on Lantus 40 units am and 20 units pm, 1000 mg metformin twice a day and jauniva 10 mg in am. This current medication has worked for the past 3-4 months, now i am testing 277 fasting. Just checked it again and its 199. Why can’t I the medicine work? Why are we changing the doses every couple months and then when higher doses don’t work either, we completely change medicine. At times like this, I really, really hate being a diabetic.

No, my vials last right at 20 to 25 days. I take metformin, januvia, and lantus (40am - 20pm). I have been on so many different types of insulin but they stop working after a couple months. I just don’t know what to do.

Hmmm… seems like time for some fast acting at meal times, to me, and drop one of the pills. But that’s just my impression.

Yes agree with above , sounds like oral meds arent working anymore and you are in need of more insulin. might need to go on Novolog or some other fast acting at meal times and maybe a Lantus adjustment at night if you are waking up at 277.

thanks guy, I am going to the doctor on Friday to let him see my numbers journal. Can type 2 diabetics use a pump? or is that even necessary? could it be that I am not type 2 at all? especially since this stuff never works?

Yes and yes. Type 2’s can use a pump, and it is possible that one is not Type 2. They would have to do the appropriate antibody testing to see.

maybe that it a test I will have him run too. There has got to be a reason that I have having so many problems right now.

From the way that you talk, I suspect you have not been given much help by your doctor on the whole diabetes and diet thing. Are you on a low carb diet? How many grams of carbs/day? The Lantus can help bring your fasting numbers down, but it won’t help you deal with high postprandial numbers. If you are eating carby meals like cereal and shooting up into the 300s, your current regime just may not be enough.

It turns out I just visited one of my fav blogs (http://lifeafterdx.blogspot.com/) where Lee answers a question about why Lantus won’t bring down a blood sugar in the 200s. His answer just seems appropriate here.

Lantus is in no way, shape, or form the right medication to fix a single high blood sugar. Lantus is a time release insulin that works a little at a time over 24 hours. It’s designed to create a good solid foundation for your diabetes control. Using it to try and fix a high would be like using napalm to kill mosquitoes.

Can you rule out that you have LADA - a slowly progressing form of type 1 diabetes? Have you been tested for GAD antibodies?

I don’t know if I have or have not.