Why you should spring clean

I’m making up ten reasons that most will think of :slight_smile:
1. Have a yard sale!!! (me? to lazy)
2. Donate to good will (me? i will be doing this)
3. Get rid of junk and stuff you don’t use anymore in other words if it hiding underneath your bed, you haven’t seen it for years/months, get rid of it (me? so far so good)
4.Make room for new stuff!! If you get rid of stuff the next time you want to impulse buy, then you can you have room(me? how i make myself feel better)
5. Less Junk makes you feel like you have more room (me? i can see my floor!)
6. Take stuff to consignment shop/thrift store for mola (me? might check it out)
7. Open windows up and let the sun shine where it hasn’t been for a while (me? plan on it)
8. You probably need a new toothbrush and as well as cleaning supplies, so stock up (me? check)
9.Condense stuff when you get rid of stuff, like get rid of dvd boxes and put them in a case (me?check)
10. THE BEST REASON TO SPRING CLEAN, you may find MONEY!!! I found 20 bucks from my grandma from god knows how long ago!! I just got 20 richer :D, i’m going out tonite! LOL

I think number 10 should be number 1 lol I did mine in the fall, it was amazing how much my closets had accumulated in 4 years (that was when I moved in the house I’m in now) I put everything on freecyle and it was all gone the same day

I shall make a poster of this tonight and post on my refrigerator for motivation…not to mention for my husband to see! LOL Thanks for the tips =)