Wicked Weekend

I had a wicked weekend…

Friday… I drove up the coast to see my friends and family. I spent Friday crusin, saw my mum and brother. Had a nice dinner then hung out with my mate Liana. Had a couple of bevies and hit the sack.

Saturday… I went op-shopping picked up some bargains. A glam gold jumper, a cool vid called blank nation, a bag and some mittens. $12 spent. Nice one! Then i saw Jess and Lachie and went to the food and wine fair at Terrigal. Yumm… It could be so much bigger and better. It’s organised really badly. oh well, i had a nice lunch anyway.

Saturday night… had a massive one!! Went out to the pub and then into Terrigal again. Loz is a great drinking partner! Sick night! Feeling a little worse for wear today but it was worth it! :slight_smile: Hung out with Kristian for a bit today, wish i got to spend more time with him over the weekend tho!

Today just mucking around with some photos and posting them on Flickr. (www.flickr.com/photos/rockyasock) Updating my MySpace and all that jazz. Such a computer geek. :slight_smile:

Anyway just wanted to let you know about my mad weekend! hope yours was as good as mine.


This is Loz’s new Kitten, Missy.

A sunny Saturday at The Beery with Miss Lush.