Wierd Day of Hypos

Yesterday I had two bad hypo’s. I installed laminate flooring in our hallway. I started at about 10 am.
8 am Breakfast BG 117 and 32g carb. that I bolus for carb and correction
Noon sweating like crazy and cussing a piece of flooring. BG 44 and 16g carb to fix
12:10p BG 49 and another 15g of carb got blinding headache
12:22p BG 83 and had lunch of 57g carb bolus for carb and I also temp basal for 3 hours at 50%
3:30p BG 85 and 37g carb dialled basal down to off for 4 hours
5:41p Pounded in the last piece of trim and couldn’t stop laughing BG 46 and 15 carb to fix
5:55p BG 67 and 15g carb
6:12p BG 93 and 65g carb Dinner bolus for carb
10:28 pm BG 91 and 24g carb bolus for carb

I have been on the pod for 1 month today. When exercising a 25% reduction has been working well but what would you suggest for working on stuff. Should I go to no basal and bolus to correct?

I also normally don’t had to eat twice to fix a hypo. Can frustration lower your BG? I had a terrible time with flooring cause about half the tongues were bad from the factory and had to be returned.

Well, if you have any suggestions let me know.


You might want to lower your temp basal a little more. lol I don’t know about frustration lowering your bg’s:)

Hi - If you are new to pumping in general, it can take around 6-8 weeks to get your basals adjusted so that they work properly. I know that when my son, Will, went on the OmniPod last January, it took us about 6 weeks to get all the basals working correctly for him. If you spent all day chasing lows and also doing heavy work, that combination in general sounds like it would bring you low. Since my son is little, I find that if he has a carb to bring up a low WITHOUT a fat, we’re back chasing the low an hour later. The best way to treat a low for us are peanut butter crackers - the carbs in the crackers bring him right up and the fat from the peanut butter holds him. Milk is also a great low solver - however, it does take a while to bring him up, around 20 minutes as opposed to minutes with juice. At Family Diabetes Camp this summer, I did speak with several endos regarding a discussion I had with parents of older children who believe that juice is the standard to bring you up from a low, these endos disagreed and said that peanut butter crackers & milk are the best, especially at night. I would imagine this strategy would work well with adults as well. I buy premade peanut butter crackers - they come in a package of 6 and have 16 grams of carbs, perfect! I carry them everywhere and even leave a package in his room on his changing table for lows at night. They work like a charm.

Hope you are feeling better!! :+)

I went with 80% while working on cookies yesterday. That went well I that until late last night.

8 AM BG 146 with breakfast of Sausage and Swiss Biscuit with OJ Carb 81g extended 35%/2 hours
10 AM BG 172 and set basal to -80%
Noon BG 124 Lunch Gyro and Fried Mushrooms Carb 69g extended 25%/2 hours
3pm BG 105 and 23g Carb No Bolus Chocolate Almond Fudge Basal returned to 100%
6pm BG 122 Oven Baked Chicken Wings in Coconut Milk and Red Jungle Curry, Eggplant stuffed with jasmine rice, 12 oz beer, Extended 35%/ 2 hours
9 pm BG 221 bolus normal
Mid BG 265 bolus normal
This morning BG 188 at 8 am

Suggestions? Sometimes I feel like the PDM should be a slot machine for insulin cause you never know what you are going to get for results.

I have been on the pod and pumping for 4 weeks. We are in the roll the chicken bones stage of guessing what to do next to get me ready to go back to work.

I will try the crackers and milk for lows but have to make a sub for peanut butter we are all peanut allergic here.


Ok - let me first say, I love what you are eating!! :+)

What we did in the early stages of podding was to send off our daily numbers to our endos (actually the CDEs) and they reviewed them and then adjusted our basals for us. We did this on a daily/weekly basis for the first 6 weeks or so. Will your doctors do that for you or do they expect that you can do it via trial & error yourself?

Regarding the lows, try graham crackers, they work great too and seem to hold the BG pretty stable.

They want me to send in numbers weekly and to call if I go outside of the range of 70-200. They have been making changes every couple of days.


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