Wierd thoughts

Hi Frens....

whenever i have low bg two type of thoughts come to my mind...... this is my chance to finish off the craving in my stomach..... but on the other hand I know tat its too dangerous.

The other type of thought is...... other ppl in the world have much bigger problems in life..... but y me?..... I know this is totally absurd.... but still I think it a lot.

There was a time when I was free to eat anything I liked and as much as I liked, but then my parents use to chase me trying to make me eat fruits and drink juices.... now I think that God made me realize the importance of taste in life which is now lost smwhere.....

Oh fever... surely this is the side effect .... oh leg pain... this is again the side effect.... this is one of the side effect of being a diabetic tat all the diseases u will suffer may or may not be the the side effect of ur bg level but u will be convinced for sure that this is due to one and only one reason...DIABETES.

So frens all these thoughts keep entering my mind and this doesnt allow me to concentrate in the office which make me inefficient.(Now u got my point ...anything which happen is side effect of diabetes.) even the inefficiency at office.

will take ur leave now because now i have to think about all the above things.

My son calls the rest of us “FREE-EATERS”. The other day he was tired in the afternoon and he lied down on the couch…I worried and had him take his BG. He was fine…the poor kid was just tired. His younger brother says…“ARE YOU HIGH” whenever he gets mad at him. He thinks he only gets grumpy when he is high? When he asks to go to the restroom during Math class…his Math teacher…says…“Do you need someone to go with you?”…OMG! He told her “If I have to go to the nurse…I will ask…going to the bathroom isn’t some kinda code for it.” He is today on his 100day of diagnosis. He has an “ap for that” on his I touch. So…yes… I can see how it become “everything” when you just want it to be nothing. You aren’t the only one. So sorry you and my son have to deal with all of this. With all of this…my son somehow manages to stay possitive with it all. I hope he can continue to be that way. I tell him…I am here…good days and bad days to listen to him and to help him.
He is 15 and was diagnosed on Nov. 14th of this year.