Wife might be diabetic?

Okay, so here goes:
My wife has an overactive thyroid that has been treated with pills. We have been having difficulties concieving, so we have been looking into reproduction therapy. Proiblem was, my wife needed another consult with her Endo for the thyroid.
Fast forward to the appt, and the endo says that her thyroid is almost back to normal, but since she is diabetic, they need to look into other avenues.
Thing is, she has never been diagnosed, and the endo based this claim upon seeing her. (Weight, etc)
So, my wife is understandably pissed. I woulda punched the guy in the face.
She had a round of blood tests taken, and we will await the result.
In the meantime, I took my wife;s BG before dinner, and it was 6.9 mmol (124.2 mg/dl) Keep in mind this is before she is about to eat.
She admitted to eating focaccia 45 minutes earlier.
I am going to test her 1 to 2 hours after supper (Burger, fries, sprite)

Is this normal?

You must be in UK or Canada, based on your measure of BG. Did the endo explain further by showing a BG test result? If not, I would certainly question his smarts.
So what was your wife’s BG 2 hours after supper? Overweight alone is not an indicator of diabetes but is often present in type 2 diabetes. Can even occur in type 1 if the insulin-food ratio is not managed well but that is usually some time after diagnosis. You don’t give enough info on other symptoms for anyone to help much.
124 is a bit high in a non-diabetic but still need more info.
Where are you? Keep us posted. There are many people on this site who can help with info but I do not like to speculate on whether a person is or is not diabetic. That is based on lab tests. But I am not impressed with the endo’s manner!

Weight (fat or thin) does not equal diabetic. There are alot thin and fat diabetics and normal sized ones at that too. That endo is weird. Did he even test her BG when she was in there? I am very thin and according to the stupid stereotype I should not have diabetes but I do.

Is this your doctor that she went too? If so, I would get a new one.

Thank god, the Endo is not mine!

I tested after an hour and a half, and the result was 7.4 mmol (133.2 mg/dl) The wife sees that as a normal value. Sigh.

Hopefully things will work out. At least she has someone who knows a bit about what to expect. :)_

Glad he’s not mine either. 7.4/133 isn’t great, but not horrendous given a meal of burger, fries & soda since she started out with 6.9/123 before dinner from the focaccia. Ten points more is nothing given the inaccuracies of meters. Hope it wasn’t higher later from the fat content.

Just an update, my wife’s fasting sugar was 4.9 mmol (88.2 mg/dl) Weird, a normal reading…

Find a different Endo.

Any Endo that bases their diagnosis of someone on looking at them, and not doing any tests, likely got their license from a cracker jack box. Move on.

He’s not going to be any good at dealing with the fertility issues, either. She probably also has issues with PCOS.

Test your wife on an empty stomach. If she had a focaccia 45 min earlier, than that is not a fasting number. That is a postprandial number.

If she has PCOS, may well have hyperinsulinemia, even without Diabetes, and that causes lots of weight gain issues. I think it’s something to look into whenever fertility is an issue, and even when it’s not an issue.

Not that strange. People can have normal fasting & between meals & spikes after eating. Phase 1 insulin is fine, but their Phase II isn’t. Why a OGTT is done to learn more. I had normal fasting for a long time & chronic hypoglycemia. Took years until I crashed & burned with DKA.

I had hypogylcemia my entire life. I’d feel light headed, cranky & ravenous. Soon as I ate something. I was fine. Like you, I wasn’t told this was anything to be concerned with. There was a discussion here about this months ago. A lot of us were hypoglycemic. Sure wish doctors were more aware of this & many other things!

My bet would be PCOS. My wife and I had major issues having a child and PCOS was the cause, they do treat it with Metformin(sp). But to check before talking to a Doctor and you don’t have to answer on here just to yourself. Is your wife’s cycle sporadic. Weight is an issue. here is a link on PCOS for ya http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/polycystic-ovary-syndrome/DS00423

did thy ever do a a1c on her its a 3 month averge of her blood sugers for the past 3 months