Wildfire ready with diabetes


We are fortunate enough to be able divide our retirement years between two places. In one we get daily warnings about earthquakes and tsunamis, and in the other we get almost daily warnings about wildfires.

We have go bags ready so that we can try to escape. I am beginning to think that all of the warnings and worry about keeping enough insulin cold enough is beginning to have a detrimental effect on my wellbeing. Is there anywhere that is really safe anymore? Between wildfires, earthquakes and tsunamis, flooding, tornadoes and gun violence, oh and not to mention bad hospital policies I am getting stressed. I realize it could be soo much worse.

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After years of traveling for business and, in the process, looking at places to retire, we selected rural southwestern Wisconsin. No wildfires. No earthquakes. No tsunamis. No mudslides. No revolutions. No bombings. Nothing but snow and extremely cold winters. That I can live with. And, alas, no good places to eat out. But after 30+ years, I can also live with that. And I am definitely staying out of hospitals, no matter where.