Will Dexcom always be available?

Hi, I am in UK and started using Dexcom 7 plus around 8 months ago. I am so impressed with device and finally now gaining good control after many years. My concern is that i hear talk that dexcom are focussing on including in pumps only and not as a seperate device. As i take shots and have no desire to go onto pump will it still be available. Already i am attached to the thing and could imagine now not having it. Chris

I don’t know what talk you are listening to. I listen to DexCom’s earnings calls and there is no mention of that at all. Quite the opposite. The Gen5 sensor will connect to smart phones and the proprietary receiver will no longer be required. I would not worry for a second.

That fills my heart with joy. I have so many things I need to carry. Though, I’m on the OmniPod so the integration there is probably going to be different. When are they going to push the Gen5 sensor out? I’m a huge Dexcom fan. It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself EVER.

The current sensor is Gen3. I get the feeling that Gen5 is at least a year away.



Its been 25 years. Another year or two to have the Dex connected to my phone is cool. Just get it done!

Thats amazing.

I cant wait to upgrade to the sensor that can connect to a smart phone

The transcript mentions being in the final stages of development of a new design for the receiver. I wonder what they want to improve on the current football? The smartphone app appears to be a long-term goal, so hopefully the new receiver will be smaller.

Does the Dexcom in the UK display mmol/L readings?

here in the states Animas and dexcom will team up to combined into one unit. I confirmed that with my team as they have heard the same thing.

Hi Jennifer

Yes it is displayed in mmol. Cannot rate it highly enough, it is easily best decision ever made. I get two weeks from every sensor meaning costs £30.00 equiv.


The weekly sensors are the core of their business. So they need as much channels for distribution as possible. Why should they stop producing the separate receivers? They also need these receivers for specialized endos and hospitals to allow short term monitoring of patients. These devices are often closed boxes without displays (they want to see normal patient behaviour). Still technically these devices are similar to your receiver. So they are building one without display for medical monitoring and one with display for us. So the argument is that this line of devices is still necessary and the display is the only difference. In high volume production this does not make much difference. Again - the more sensors consumed the better the profits for Dexcom.

It’s not available here in Canada. :frowning: I thought about getting it from the U.S. somehow (would have to pay out of pocket completely) but theirs only displays mg/dl which we don’t use here. I wonder if there’s some way of changing it and/or using the U.S. sensors with the UK receiver to display mmol/L.

maybe look into the UK version. That way its already mmol/L. If its out of pocket anyway…


Uncomfortable to read that insurance companies are not, for the most part, providing CGMs to Most diabetics.

I understand Type 2’s and some type 1’s, depending on their insurance, have an awfully hard time getting a CGM system. I use a MM CGM., not as on-point or as easy to use as the Dexcom is reported to be; but I find it to be reliable enough to catch out of range highs before I get there, which is why I bought it.

Is it natioanlly common that many medical practitioners (GP’s, Physician’s Assistants) who treat diabetic patient have neve even seen nor heard of the technology? In my locale, I meet many in the field who do not know that they exist.

God BLess,


I appreciate the dose of reality offered by JohnG. In the US, any company making and selling CGM has profit as their goal. I received a call from Dexcom two days ago wherein they told me I could no longer buy from them direct, as United Health Care had refused too many claims. While they would not discuss specifics, it seems the gist of the issue is that while they get paid on all or most claims, it takes months to receive the money. Dexcom will no longer file claims on my behalf - they will only sell at full price. The referred me to a distributor - who appears to be in-network for my insurer. So all should turn out well - but this remains to be seen.

Thanks for posting, that is good info to keep in mind. When I make my pump decisions I actually think of it like ‘investing’ in a company for the next 4 years. That’s largely why I’ve stayed with MM, disappointed a bit in the delay of rolling out more accurate sensors but believe that they will deliver. I have two years before my next pump and hope that they don’t prove me wrong!

I’m hopeful that Dex will survive because the more competition, the better. But you are correct that the lack of diversification is probably hurting them due to the small, slowly growing market. The only thing I’d say is, based on a a clinical trial I was in, that the Navigator sensor crushes Dex (and MM) in terms of accuracy and response time. At least it did for me and I wore all 3 at the same time. I’m hopeful that Abbott will get their #$!@ together and resolve the FDA issues, but they also have a well-diversified portfolio of goodies in several different health markets and aren’t likely to go belly up because of the cgm issues. I actually heard that they have or might acquire a small pump company and that seems to make sense if they want a piece of the AP project, which may give some comfort to disgruntled navigator customers that they’re ultimately in it to win it.

Wait, does Abbott own insulet? the omnipod is listed as a product on their page. am i totally out of the loop? i know they had an agreement (tentatively) to integrate but that was the last that i heard…

or is it just because of the built-in freestyle?


I'm in the United States....I guess clueless as to what a Dexcom is? Can anyone explain?

I am a Dexcom fan too! It has been great for Manuel, it gives me peace of mind at night!