Will drop in high blood sugar reduce damage?

okay so this morning after i ate i checked my blood sugar a couple hours later and it was 201! so i did some low impact pilates for 20 minutes and a half hour later it was 89. It must have dropped quickly, does anyone know if bringing high blood sugars down quickly will reduce the damage, will that spike still be potentially harmful?

The way I have always understood it, Jill, is that high blood sugars are only harmful when they are sustained high for a long period of time.

For instance, I don’t know if you’ve heard the term “Diabulimia” - mostly with Type 1 teenagers who intentionally give themselves less insulin than they need, or none at all, to force wieght loss. This long term high blood sugar causes your body to breakdown fat instead of your sugars producing ketones and eventually ketoacidosis.

The short answer, no. Don’t worry if your numbers are high for a few hours. Just make sure and do what you need to do to get them down.

The only issue with bringing your blood glucose down that quickly is that it can be uncomfortable and cause false symptoms of hypoglycemia. Although sometimes it isn’t even noticeable. Not like you ever expected Type 1 to be consistent. :slight_smile: