Will food labelling for total calories/serving can on the long run decrease obesity?

it is great that in Newyork city,all fast food resturants have to write calories/serving according to new legislation.
will that affect your choices?
will that on the long run will decrease the epidemic of obesity?
still some people do not beleive that obesity can lead to diabetes,are you one of them?
is it obesity or lack of normal daily activities that contribute more to type2 diabetes?

obesity is soaring every where,it is modern life and improving of standard of living all over many places in the world.
United Arab Emirates,came in the top 5 for diabetes.
the daily activity of eleven year old boy is equal to that of seventy year old lady in saudi Arabia ( according to the latest survey and research)
Egypt with high prevelance of obesity for decades is not on top 10 countries for prevelance od diabetes,not every egyptian has a car,still people have to walk to bus stops,to walk to get their shopping…

labelling food portion has stopped me many times from ordering them.
knowing the fat content in different pitza stopped my daughter ordering home delivery.

It might decrease your chances of becoming diabetic (type 2) if you are living a healthier lifestyle,hence decreasing obesity and all health relative factors there of.But bearing in mind, Type 1 diabetes still remains a threat.What preventative measures are there for Type 1 diabetes?

Pretty much.

That being said, it does drive me nuts to see overweight kids. There’s just no good excuse for that. If adults want to eat themselves into a coma, that’s their choice, but children need to be taught how to make good choices, and they need parents who are good role models. Some people just don’t care, but I think less people will order the worst of what’s on the menu if they know exactly what they’re ordering. I know when Ruby Tuesdays used to have the nutrition info on their menus back about 4 years ago, that affected the choices I made. As much as I love a bacon cheeseburger, I couldn’t live with myself to order as many calories in one meal as I need in one entire day. Don’t you know, they ultimately took that info off the menus (much to my disgust) because people didn’t like to be told they were having 2000 calorie meals, as if not knowing it’s there makes it less of a nutrition train wreck. I think the info should be available and visible. It would make most of our lives easier to know the carbs, and the rest of the US needs to wake up and realize what despicable eating habits they’ve developed.

In saudi Arabia soft drinks are banned from shools years back.but healthy food is still not sold and all kids parties include sweets and fast food,we are campaigning to improve things and it is heading in the right direction,we asked to ban new fast food stores to open near schools.kids on their way home they stop bye to buy their lunch.home delivery from any fast food store is easy no minimal charge.
their is a war against new generation from everywhere.

Hi Sohair: :slight_smile:

it is great that in Newyork city,all fast food resturants have to write calories/serving according to new legislation.

Great for New York. It sure can’t hurt any…although it has been shown that some company’s
don’t put the correct amount down because they don’t want to lose business. Now that could
give Diabetics some Bad blood sugar numbers. That would happen if the Diabetic is figuring
their dosage by what the fastfood/restaurant says their carbs/calories are but the Diabetic ends up taking too little because of the incorrect numbers.

will that affect your choices?

No. I usually eat the same meals at a restaurant because I like those particular meals and I know what dosage to take. There again, I’ve learned that restaurants do not prepare meals with the same methods or ingredients. That can add or subtract from your dosage if you visit different restaurants. I found that out the hard way.

will that on the long run will decrease the epidemic of obesity?

It will certainly make a difference for those who want to make the effort of getting their health in line.
But there are other things that cause obesity. 1. I do believe in some cases that it is a defect in the genes. 2. Some People just eat tooo much and/or the wrong foods, or eating junk before they go to bed. And that comfort food has got to go. It just makes things worse. 3. Lack of exercise. 4. Too much beer(affects some). 5. Other medical conditions. 6.(maybe)I just came across a site that I had in my favourites but I hadn’t gotten around to reading It has an article sayng that artificial sweeteners, diet pop, hidden artificial sweeteners in certain foods, can give a Person up to 40% chance of gaining weight, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and TYPE 2 .WHAT? I sure hope that is not so. I’m already disgusted with so many companies and the FDA who pass it all through. (I tried to summarize so a little may be off).Again, I think it would depend on a Persons system. There are a lot of skinny People drinking diet sodas also, etc.)

Sorry, to continue on: 7. Some say the Insulin makes them gain weight. Maybe so, depending on their system. 8. Some say it’s getting the sugars under control that cause People to gain weight. Oh please. Not 40 lbs. or more. That’s not control. There’s something else going on there. There’s more but anyways…

still some people do not beleive that obesity can lead to diabetes,are you one of them?

I do believe many who are obese will have Diabetes. I also believe some obese People may not live long enough to get Diabetes. I know many of the first and I know 2 People of the second. The 2 People died of cancer. They were both about 420 lb. I did hear that an obese Person can get cancer from obesity.

is it obesity or lack of normal daily activities that contribute more to type2 diabetes?


*I apologize if I have offended anyone. Just mho’s.

Hi Terrie;
your reply is very scientific and informative:

I heard about the law suit against some fast food chains in USA,MacDonalds and others,legislation and continuous pursuit of bad ways of living to make profits on the cost of new generation is bad.Profits can be made without plugging our children coronaries early on.

With changing of our life style,the average saudi who used to be thin or very thin is now overweight ( 40% of population!!!) and metabolic syndrome is soaring.So we arabs are genetically predisposed for long time but overeating,eating late( very nice you mentioned this fact) and moving around for minutes/day suddenly became diabetics and complaining!

thank you again.I enjoyed your way of discussion

Sorry, I didn’t think it sounded scientific.

This is all what I see, hear and read.

You are right about the “garbage” that they put in the food. Money is the root of all evil, time and time again. But it doesn’t seem to affect everyone the same. Some People seem to have an inborn “shield” against this “garbage” where they don’t gain the weight or get the clogged arteries. Or perhaps it is just the diffference of quantity eaten.

I just wanted to add.
It’s not all, just the over-eating or not exercising, etc., etc. It’s also a wrinkle in the genetics. When my Son was born, he was 6 lbs.10 ozs. The Lady in the next bed
(granted, she was obese), had a Baby Girl the same day, that looked a good 3 months old. So you can imagine the weight of that Baby. Full head of red hair. :smiley:

You must know that there are so many Big Babies now a days. Was it that common to have Big Babies in, say the 1940’s or '50’s? I don’t know. I wouldn’t think so. I’ll have to look that up when I have a spare minute.

Nice talking to you too.

Large for gestational age( large babies> 4 kg) are born for ladies with gestational diabetes or for other rare genetic condition or else. in pediatrics,small for gestational age< 2.5 kg may as adult has insulin resistance and prone to develop diabetes,
you know I beleive in simple way of living and not to worry too much and enjoy art to wave away life and its modern hassel!!

Maybe it won’t affect your choices, but it will affect a fair number of people’s choices, if not a majority of people. As I pointed out, Ruby Tuesday has done this experiment already. They had nutrition info for their entire menu on the menu. People didn’t like it though. It made them feel bad about what they ordered or what they wanted to order, and plenty of people changed what they ordered in response. Their profits went down from what I’ve read about it, so they took the info off the menu. People either stopped eating there or just weren’t ordering as much food. So there are people who change what they order if they know exactly what they’re getting.

Also, it is difficult to offer standardized nutrition data as there are variations from restaurant to restaurant, but even if the data is off to some degree, it’s probably more accurate than just guessing, and gives people a general idea of whether or not it’s a nutitionally sound choice or not.

hallo Debb,
just I love whatever you say because you are always right. I see what is happening at least in my country for the last 10 y or less,mums are ordering takeaway as a treat,TVadds all food while you watch your program,you go out it is food,if depressed it is food.
so we try for the sake of the new generation to alert parents,schools and the media.The health care system will go banlrupt allover the world treating metabolic syndrom which starts in childhood and can be prevented or at least we have to alert people and for them to chose and to pay for their health insurance !!!

life is changing in many ways in a better way,in others to worse but that is modern life and a sort of wise addressing of problems and tackling them globally is important.The beauty of globalization is that the the world in the same boat,green house effects,soaring oil prices,food prices is not one nation problem and nations and their politicians have to sit down and tackle problems together.