Will of the wisp

Being more and more housebound I long for the days like this when I could get my walking stick and wonder down Orchard lane over hanging with trees and bushes avoiding the puddles of water hopping over the fallen branch of a tree and be surrounded by the sights and smells of nature not a house to be seen or a car to be heard the tweet of a bird or the scampering in the hedge grove of creatures who would rather not be seen a field mouse or some other creature weary of human footsteps there must have been a time when we and nature were closer when we appreciated all it provided for us today is a hussle bussle World of me first, even shopping someone is trying to reach over your shoulder for something and sorry to say mothers with wheelchairs are a law unto themselves but who am I to complain being surrounded by the smell of morning dew on the leaves flowers and bushes is enough to wash away all those busy dizzy minutes of the day.
It has been over 12 months since my last walk so most of my walks these days take place in my head sad you might think but you have to come to terms with life as it is tomorrow is another day another beginning another walk ![|640x480](upload://sJG7alFoa6F0HlJMPxy0oJVKVdr.jpeg)

Just a corner of our garden where the cat's like to go and sit on a warm day like today

What is great is you have those memories to live on. There are many that never used the opportunities they had and will never understand what you are saying. I am young and able and cherish everyday that I have to be out and see what amazing things there are. How each creature his it place.