Will pancreas eventually quite?

I read alot about how diabetes is the pancreas dying. Is that true? Will mine eventually quite or is it different for everyone? My Dr.s still don’t know for sure what type I am, but they are saying it looks like type 2. I am on glyburide (1 and half pill aday). But was on insulin (5 units in am and 4units in pm) for 3 years. Small doses, but will I eventually need more as time goes by? Will it evventually quite?

You know everyone is different. Some people they can make some changes and get stuff under control with just diet and exercise and go like forever. Others like me seem to progress in a steady manner losing more and more blood sugar control over the years. Who can tell? In either case, life deals you a set of cards and what matters is how you play them. The way I look at it, lots worse stuff could happen to me. I mean look at my face. “What, Me Worry?”

Well mine took a break for about a year. During that year I was on lantus and humalog. After that year i was on nothing for two years and after those two I was on metformin 1500 a day and today about 500 seems to be doing the trick. All i can say the body is amazing you never know what way its going to go