Will Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round That I'm On!? (Part 1)

Since my last update blog, life has not ceased to offer a dizzying array of "situations" that could drive a saint to distraction. And y'all know that I'm no angel!! So here goes....

This time, I made the decision to go to a rehab facility. I thought that I would solve a sticky problem with after-surgery care and rehab on the knee. HA! This one wasn't too too too bad but I still wouldn't want to repeat it. The biggest problem (and most common) was the aide staff. Lazy, insolent and uncaring with only a very few exceptions. I had one aid that made me feel like she cared and she treated me like her grandchild with her tender, loving care. She did things for me that I normally wouldn't expect anyone to do. When you are extremely limited in what you can do, you learn to swallow your pride and submit to the idea that there is no dignity in a facility.

This facility was in the process of being bought out by another corporation. A lot of empty promises (I wonder if they will ever meet any) and shaking down (firing) of staff and changes in the meal menus. Personally, I think they should replace all of top management and the "dead weight" and all would be fine.

I'm not keen on management because of my experiences with their lying souls (if they have any!). The first "sticky finger" incident occurred when my purse was stolen. It had my keys, checkbook, bank card and, with various other sundry items, $70 in cash. I know I had put it on my bed underneath a big pile of clean clothes. Next time I wanted it, it wasn't there. So I reported it to the Social Worker and they questioned me like I was trying to pull the wool over their eyes. They even insisted on searching my whole room as if I was hiding it. They didn't even report it to the police. So, I cancelled my card and changed all sorts of keys. A couple of weeks later, the nursing supervisor returned the purse to me -- minus the cash, of course. Funny thing, the only thing missing was the cash! Dummies didn't even take my bank card. Of course, there was nothing in my account at the time! She had stated that the thief had thrown it under the bed in a vacant room and she discovered it when she was putting the final touches on the room for another patient. By the way, they finally reimbursed me in full for the cash.

Prior to going to that home, I had bought a Nook Book from Barnes and Noble because I was having increasing difficulty reading the normal-sized printed word. Since I had difficulty getting on their WIFI, I had the relief receptionist help me try to access it. Failure. That's the last time I saw it. Again, I reported it to the management and got the same reaction. Only, with the total being more than the previous theft, they only offered me 1/2 the money I paid for it to get a used one on Amazon! Sometime in early July, I went on the internet to look at my B&N account and someone had tried to buy some e-books. I had just recently changed my card number and they were unable to get approval. Now the only one who knew my e-mail at the home was the woman that tried to help me get on the WIFI. She had to use it and my access codes to the account. I told management that and I sincerely doubt that they even questioned her. But I know it was her. After all the garbage they put me through, I told them that I felt they were treating me poorly and the least they could do is to replace it. They agreed. Eventually, the director went to B&N and bought a new Nook. It was a different version and cheaper. I felt he could have bought the one with the light and would have paid the same thing I paid for my original Nook. He didn't even get the insurance policy for $19. (And am I ever GLAD I bought one later. I've had to replace that one 3-4 times due to weird things happening.) Clever for him but not so nice to me.

Well, better end here. There's more to come in Part 2.

I screwed up and lost THREE hours of work on Part 2!! It's to late to try again and my eyes aren't focusing!! You're all going to have to wait a bit longer for part 2.

It just depends on how (or IF) I motivate myself. If you will remember, my left index finger is frozen and useless so I have to use a different finger for r, t, f, g, c, v, and b. Sometimes I get a real rhythm and build up speed. Talk to y'all later.