Will this ever get better?

my b/f just started his insulin about a week ago. but even with using the insulin faithfully his blood sugar is still sky high, in the 500’s… and not going lower than the 200’s, and its rare that it dips that low. why is this? we thought the insulin would make a drastic and quick improvement but we have yet to see any extreme changes. are we rushing it? is it something that will come with time? we really have no idea what to expect beings that we are both so new at this…but i guess we are so desperate to get this under control we are becoming impatient.

just wish we could see a light at the end of the tunnel…

There are a lot of reasons why his blood sugar may not be coming down. He should ask his doctor and get more information on what his doses should be. If his doctor is not helpful I suggest finding a new one because it is important to get as much education as you can and it is important to have a great diabetes support team. He is lucky to have a great girlfriend that is looking out for him.

Get him to a competent MD ASAP. If the MD is unresponsive, go the the ER, that will get his attention.

The other most important step, as some have said, is education via a CDE, the local JDRF or ADA resources, The Think Like a Pancreas book or another T1D as a mentor (the local JDRF may have a program).

The BGs should be down immediately after going on Insulin if the correct dosage and food management is implemented.

You should be impatient if the MD is not helping. As noted by others, if the endo is not responsive find a new one.

Where do you live, someone on tuDiabetes may have a competent Endo recommendation.

The light at the end of the tunnel is all of the people on this site and the resources that are out there.

One question I have is is he really taking the recommended dosage of insulin?

Some doctors start people off on fairly low doses to monitor their sensitvity & to prevent hypos, but not doses that result in the 500’s. That’s dangerously high.

Mine started coming down to a reasonable range almost immediately.

As the others have said, it’s incorrect dosing & what he’s eating. He can’t really eat as he did before & needs to watch his carb intake.

In addition to the great books mentioned, please also check out Jenny’s blog & book http://www.bloodsugar101.com.

He should contact his doctor immediately. Don’t hesitate to fire any doctor who’s not responsive.

hi victoria, sounds like your bf need a diabetic educator to train and guide him through getting his bsl down, ask the doctor to send him to one,he willsee a big difference when you have the tools to get it down, lots of luck

I say go to the ER with that BS. My BS came right down when I started using Insulin. He could end up in ketoacidosis.

When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, my blood sugar was above 700 and it only came down gradually over a few days. The doctors didn’t want me to have such a sudden drop and they gradually increased my insulin dose until my blood sugars were normal.

I assume that your boyfriend was diagnosed as type 2 (because they didn’t start him on insulin right away), but it is possible that he was misdiagnosed and might need a very different insulin regimen than the one that he is on. I would call the doctor right away. What types of insulin is he taking?

Before he was on insulin did he also see numbers this high? If he has been seeing high numbers like this for days, I would go to the ER right away!!

Hi Victoria,

Your boyfriend only just started taking insulin? Since you posted this in the Type 1 forum, I assume that he’s been diagnosed as a Type 1. What was his treatment before starting on insulin? As Kristin wrote, the insulin regimens for Type 1s and Type 2s often differ. What kind of insulin is he taking? Is he carb counting, or is he just using a basal (Lantus) insulin? Is he taking any oral meds in addition to insulin?

If you can give us some additional information, we might be able to offer some better advice. Many of us have been dealing with diabetes for a very long time.

P.S. I noticed that you live in Maryland. Is your boyfriend seeing an endocrinologist or just a PCP? If he hasn’t seen an endo yet, I would highly recommend that he do so ASAP (I can give you a name of a great practice - I live in MD, too).

Hi Victoria- many Endocronologists will put a new patient on low amounts of insulin. At this point, it is much more dangerous to have a severe low (hypoglycemia) than a high. They are probably trying to take him down slowly so that he doesnt feel sick, and so that he doesnt slip into a hypo coma. It’s only been a few days, so please try to be patient.

I was diagnosed at age 14 back in 1998, and it took probably about a month until I could see a trend and until they got my dosages right. And then, a few years later, I had to adjust because my body changed and my dosages had to change. Then, a few months later, we had to adjust the dosages again because my resistance changed. Then, change again because of… etc etc etc.

You will learn, in time, that Type 1 is NOT AN EXACT SCIENCE. Every single thing affects the blood glucose (BG) levels and it takes a lot of patience and concentration to get it right.

There are also just going to be days when the weather seems to affect your boyfriend’s BG and there’s nothing he can do to get it right that day.

Just be there for him for comfort while he’s going through this hard time. (as I’m sure you have been)
It’s a major adjustment and I remember feeling like my own body had betrayed me. Took me about 6 years to get over my denial.

Please keep us posted. We will help in any way that we can!

yeahh you’re right. i guess there’s a million reasons for it.
it is just becoming so frustrating because we are trying so hard to get a grip on things and cant seem to get it.
his doc has adjusted the dose since i posted this blog but it still seems to not be enough. it did help to lower it slightly more, so maybe we are getting there.

wow, i never knew there was so much to all of this. it is just amazing.
yes we do need to get his diet straight. i mean he has worked on cutting out the carbs and sugars, but i know there is a lot more too it than that so we do need to get in contact with a dietician. our next issue is the fact that he has no health insurance, so that makes things tough, especially considering how expensive things are. so its always something i guess.
i am thankful for finding this group. you guys have made me feel so much more hopeful about everything. i really appreciate it.

thank you.
yes since i have posted this, his doctor has adjusted his dose, but it still hasnt come down much farther. i guess its an ongoing guess and test process. i do wish he would agree to see a diff doctor for a second opinion because i am not too fond of his current one… but i guess thats because i dont feel he has done all he could. i guess he is trying though…

yes, we did contact his doc and he is aware of the numbers. he has adjusted the dosage once, but things are still not where they should be. he likes his doc. i dont. thats where the problem is…i wish my b/f would understand there is nothing worng with second opinions…

yes, he really is taking the recommended dose.
see at first he did not want to have to take insulin and that is why he was on pills to begin with. but they just were not cutting it. but now he is beginning to realize how serious this is. and he has buckled down and agreed to do the insulin and has been doing it correclty and faithfully. he does the sliding scale three times a day, before each meal and then a dose at bedtime. it just seems as if the dose is not enough.and when we went to his doc about it, he only increased the bed time dose, not the sliding scale. and that still has not cut his numbers down enough. i really need to convince my b/f to see a diff doctor. that is my goal.

if it was up to me, his doctor would have been gone. he has seen this doc since he was young so i guess he is afraid of change. but he is just not doing all he can for my b/f in my opinion.
thanks for tha advice. i will have to check out all these great books. i’ll take all the help i can get at this point.
thanks again

oh my, no i dont want him to end up with that. there is so much that could happen. it really is scary.
his doc increased his night time dose the last time we went regarding the numbers not coming down, it seems to be heading in the right direction, so maybe we will eventually get things where they need to be, the sonner the better.
thanks for replying

I know you are still new at this, diabetes management in short is using both three phases to lower your BG’s. Diet, exercise and the insulin, you have to attack all three facets for this to work otherwise it is a fruitless endeavor, while the doctors will try and get the BG’s normalized after diagnosis, education is always key…I always say that Diabetes makes you a professional in health management and that is what you need to become, please don’t despair coz this is a marathon and not a sprint. Learn and while are here to give advice we do so from personal experiences and are not a substitute for medical advice. I know you said he doesn’t have insurance and the cost of things are skyrocketing, I think he still needs to see another doctor who will help get control of things before you venture out on your own. That light at the end of the tunnel is coming am sure you will see it sooner than later

thank you.
yes we really do need to seek help from an educator.
our problem now is that he has no health insurance and everything is so expensive.
its always something isn’t it.
hopefully we will get a grip on that sometime soon. we are in the process of trying to get coverage for him.
we will get there though. especially with all the support from all of you out there.
thanks again