Will TuDiabetes.com Reach 500 Members Today?


Will it not? What will happen? Suspense! Action! Emotion!

Don’t miss it for the world… it may be happening today AND you can help: invite others you know that will find the community useful or link to TuDiabetes.

If you have done this already, a warm THANK YOU from all the other 473 members in TuDiabetes!



Try to get Scott Verplank the professional golfer to join, now that would be cool, or perhaps Mary Tyler Moore.


Well… that would be cool! :slight_smile:

Adam Morrison would rock too. Anybody know any of them???



Why not get Chris Matthews (Hardball host) to join? He was just on dLife last Sunday. He is a Type 2. Don’t you know some one with connections to dLife? Like Kerri Marrone?


Waiting for it to click over…


500 members!!! We made it!!! WOOOHOOO!!!


Ding, ding, ding, ding!!!


Need to change the title of this forum to “When will TuDiabetes reach 1000?”


Or, "Is tudiabetes taking over the world?"
Way to go Manny - great site, and it just keeps growing :slight_smile: