Will we ever have treatments without numerous devices beeping at us?

Alarm fatigue is a very real issue. I hope you’re able to resolve it soon. I’m currently using simple devices that don’t have a lot of alarms, and I love it. The only time I miss alarms is overnight. I check my sensor about 30 times a day, so find I don’t really need alarms most of the time during the day.

I have reactions to everything (infusion sets, sensors, tapes) as well. I have no advice there, either, except can empathize to how incredibly, incredibly frustrating it is. I’m hoping some testing with my allergist will help, but it may not if I’m unable to actually avoid the ingredient(s) I’m allergic to.

My sensor is inaccurate a lot of the time, including reading LO for the first 12-24 hours before finally coming online. Like you, I’ve wondered if that’s due to immune reactions. I may be forced to stop using some of the devices I’m using if I can’t figure out a solution to these reactions, to be honest.


@DrBB posted about xDrip for iOS here and I believe is current user.

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Thanks! I think someone said spike is gone maybe? Anyway when I have some time I am goi g to investigate all of them.

Spike is not gone, but more involved.

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