Win a Glucose Meter, Win an iPod NANO?

I can’t deny it: when I read the news today, I was kinda excited, so I thought I’d share them with everyone in here.

Johnson & Johnson has launched a campaign starting today, running until November 30, inviting people to win one of 10,000 One Touch Ultra Mini glucose meters (seems to me you have a pretty decent chance to win) AND (drumroll, please!) among the winners (are you ready for this?)

100 of them will be selected at random to each
receive an iPod nano, which will also be provided in the winner’s choice of
color and engraved with a personalized message selected by the winner. The
iPod nanos will be pre-loaded with diabetes-related podcasts, making them an
educational tool that provides valuable information for people with diabetes.

To enter, follow the details on the home page of the UltraMini very iPod-looking home page:

I just entered. :slight_smile:

Thanx for the heads up! I think it’s awesome, they are having a promotion that’s fun and educational too.

The ultra mini is pretty cute.

Can’t you enter on his behalf, Vivian?

Para variar nos dejan fuera…

:o( can’t enter as I’m in the UK