I know it is not diabetis related but I thought I would let you know I have been contacted by an attorney in law in malaysia Mr Philip Nainan who tells me he has some good news for me, he tells me a client of his died in the Tsunami disaster and left me 17.5 million dollars how lucky can I be.

I checked this attorney out and in fact he does work for a law firm in malaysia if he is the same person who knows but all he wants me to do is contact him asap, better than that here is my bank details I should coco.

Sad enough people died in this disaster but to play on it is criminal, the following email was from hsbc alledgedly telling me my account would be suspended if I did not confirm my details does this emailer know the above one perhaps they work out of the same bedroom in malaysia.

You could have a good laugh if it was not so serious some folks will be taken in by these scams and be RIPPED of especially older folks who have enough trouble keeping warm in these artic conditions we have right now, shame on you if there is a GOD may he jump on you from a great height.


This is a classic scam, often called a 419 scam. Historically, they worked these out of africa, particularly Nigeria. There are some people that have made entertainment from scamming the scammers. Check out

He should implode on himself. Yes there are people who would jump at what they would consider good fortunate. I’m so glad you are aware there are such scams.