Wine tasting - worst idea ever or doable?

It's issues like this that make me advocate for CGMs for any diabetic (T1 or 2) that wants one.

With insulin and a CGM, special occasions like this are no problem, and can be enjoyed and participated in to the fullest.

Sweet wine contains some sugar. Dry wine contains ZERO carbs. As noted by Sam, the yeast converts all the sugars to alcohol. No need to bolus! Doesn't make any difference if it is red, white or rose. Sparkling or still.

Wine drunk with a meal may even have the beneficial effect of flattening out any spikes in your BG from the carbs.

Agreed. Colors make no difference. Maybe I just never buy “sweet wine”. I stick to the classics, Cabernets, Pinot noir, malbecs, Zinfandels in the Reds and in whites occasionally a Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio. I’ve joked that if insulin becomes hard to get I’d have to become a raging alchoholic in order to survive. So far I’ve only made red wines. I also make beer, which will raise ones bg significantly because the sugars in it are not fully fermented. I find fermentation science fascinating.

me too, its friggin great! get to eat loads!

i always drink dry white and no insulin and loads of food. wine is just insulin that tastes good and makes you happy...

My bg fluctuates too much to do a wine tasting, I would definitely sample and clean your pallet. Although in past wine tastings I just drank a tiny bit because I couldn't spit out good wine, lol.

I'm very sensitive so even a tiny amount affects me, I just wonder if some effect will happen just by having it in your mouth though?

Either way I guess you'll find out. Then I would pick one or two wines to have with a meal later. Wine makes me drop so I take less insulin usually if I have some or use it to lower the carb part of the meal, never more than a glass with a meal now.

I think it would definitely affect you just by having it in your mouth, now that you mention it. Carbohydrates are the only macronutrients to start digestion in the mouth, via the enzyme amylase. Yay science!

I really like where your heads at, pancreaswanted :)

And yeah, it's my understanding that a typical glass of wine (on the drier side) has maybe 4-5g carbs, if that. Beer has much more - 10-15g.

Absolutely! I can't wait to get my hands on a CGM. I've only had T1 for a few weeks, and my endo thought I was getting in over my head when I asked about the CGM at my second visit, but I'm gonna keep bugging him until he caves. I'm getting married in August, and I think a CGM would make that day (and every other day) so much...easier.