Winter depression :P

hello my friends, I’d like to move some important topic, which concerns many of us
I mean a discomfort and even depression related to winter solstice (low temperature, bad weather at all, less activities and no sun …)
what do you do to faith with it?

Patrycja, I take extra vitamin D in the wintertime. I use VegLife which is a vegan brand. I also try to only wear a headband, not a hat, when I walk my dog so the sun can reach my scalp. Melatonin is supposed to be effective for many people, and if you could afford it, I would try an ionizer. I think exercise is vital to ward off SAD, so during the winter, when I’m less inclined to be active, I wear a pedometer and try and walk 10,000 steps each day. It really helps me to see when I’m slacking off.
Foodwise, I think green smoothies are the best for bringing the energy of the sun into our bodies.
I hope one of these ideas works for you.

hello Cleo, thank you for your advices, Im appreciate it :slight_smile:
I also believe that physical activity is the best way to fight with winter depression
be good