WInter Funk

Well, I just had my every-year-least-favorite appointment with the doctor. That appointment at the end of winter. That appointment that follows the cold and snow and lack of sunshine and lack of as much exercise. That appointment after the battle with Thanksgiving and Christmas and Valentines Day – (the three big eating/temptation holidays for me). I always feel sluggish, not-so-fit and a little bit of a lump. I’ve usually gained a little weight, my A1C is a little high and my mood is totally Debbie Downer.

So, how do you get out of your Winter Funk?
Well I have a few things I do. Sure would like to hear your tricks!

  1. I get out the cookbooks and make sure I’m not in a rut. Try a new recipe, take out the crock pot and make some of my Italian Veggie Soup.
  2. Decorate my journal. I write EVERYTHING down in a journal. Mood. Sugar numbers. Food consumed. And I go through magazines and cut out pictures, recipes and phrases and paste them randomly throughout my journal. Then, as I write, I turn the page to find a random silly picture or a phrase or quote to make me smile or think.
  3. Go for a walk. That’s a big deal when its April and it snowed this week. I usually realize I’m run down and a little too stationary and I need to move!
  4. Make a bear cave with blankets and pillows and my teddy bear and take an hour to read. A little personal time and space without guilt.
  5. Text all my children and tell them I love them.
  6. Kidnap my husband and go to a bookstore and tell him to pick out anything he wants.
  7. Go to the art store and pick out anything I want.
  8. Load some new tunes on my mp3 player for my treadmill time.

This year seemed to hit harder because of a stay in the hospital for a foot infection. And winter seems to be lingering a little longer this year. But, I can do this. Shake that Winter Funk!


I understand, yesterday it was sunny and warm,55. I was outside doing some yard work. Makes all the difference in the world. Take it day by day. You might also put some exercise on your list like a walk. Get those endorphins going( happy hormones).

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I don’t know yet. It’s been an impossible winter—weeks in hospital and nursing facility following a stupid fall that broke my femur. Home now, but barely onto a cane from the walker. And we have to be out of this house in June, so there is endless packing to do, as well as house-hunting which I thought was going to be fun—not so much on our limited budget…Sigh…So it is one big Whine of a winter and there is a ways to go!..But best regards to all…

Ended up having foot surgery – because being laid up with an infection wasn’t enough fun. So it took weeks to get sugar back in line, back to being allowed to go to the YMCA and so I have a new one to add to list – and it is VERY not typical of me

GO SHOPPING. I went to the mall (which I hate) and walked around and looked at each person I passed and smiled. Probably scared a few people. THEN I went into a store and bought a new outfit for no apparent reason. It is not an outfit I would wear to work. It is not an outfit I would necessarily wear to church. It was just a cute, comfortable top and leggings. So GO SHOPPING!

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